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Jensen Fitness - Blog - The Benefits Of Exercise For Men
  • May 05, 2022
  • Shayne Jensen

Men's Health Month: The Benefits Of Exercise For Men

4 Benefits Of Exercise For Men 1. Lower Cholesterol Levels As you age, you may notice that your cholesterol levels start to move in the wrong direction. Your bad cholesterol levels increase and your good cholesterol decreases. Such a combination. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog - How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Run A Better Race
  • Apr 28, 2022
  • Shayne Jensen

Runners: How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Run A Better Race

How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Run A Better Race When it comes to training for running, there are three key aspects to your fitness that need to be optimized. They are strength, flexibility, and developing the mental strength to push your. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog - How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Recover After An Injury
  • Mar 28, 2022
  • Shayne Jensen

How A Personal Trainer Can Help You Recover After An Injury

Finding The Right Personal Trainer Who Can Help Not all personal trainers have the same skills and experience when dealing with clients training after an injury. It is important that when you are looking for a personal trainer, to ask them if. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog -How Exercise Benefits Womens Health
  • Mar 11, 2022
  • Shayne Jensen

How Exercise Benefits Women’s Health

Benefits Of Physical Activity For Women Exercise Prevents Bone Loss And Osteoporosis Did you know that women are far more vulnerable than men to develop osteoporosis? This is largely because women generally have thinner bones than men and lose. . .

Stay Fit This Winter With Online Personal Training | Calgary Fitness
  • Dec 17, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

Online Personal Training: A Great Strategy To Stay Fit This Winter

No need to drive anywhere or go outside in the cold, because online personal training can get you into shape without needing to go to the gym. Why You Should Consider Working With An Online Personal Trainer This Winter No Need To Leave The. . .

How Exercise Supports Your Mental Health | Calgary Personal Trainer
  • Nov 26, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

How Exercise Can Support Your Mental Health

Mental health professionals commonly prescribe exercise as part of the treatment for individuals suffering from mental health issues. This article will talk about a few psychological benefits of physical activity to help you improve your mental. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog - Tracking diet and fitness
  • Sep 23, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

The Importance Of Tracking Diet And Exercise

Tracking Your Diet And Exercise One of the best ways to keep on track of your fitness and weight loss journey is by hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer will have the knowledge and experience to provide you with workouts tailored to your. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog - Right Personal Trainer For You
  • Aug 19, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

Tips On How You Can Find A Personal Trainer Who Works Well For You

Before you embark on your fitness journey, it is important to find a trainer who will help guide you in the right direction while continuously motivating you and giving you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your weight loss or fitness. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog - Keep motivated to workout
  • Jul 16, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

4 Ways To Help You Stay Motivated To Work Out

Maybe you have decided to make a change in your life and you wish to get back into the gym more frequently; to feel that surge of motivation run through you. But after a few weeks, that motivation slowly starts to diminish and you may notice. . .

Jensen Fitness - Blog -Fitness Routine
  • Jun 10, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

3 Benefits Of Implementing A Fitness Program Into Your Business

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. That’s because the success of your business relies on the health and well-being of your employees.   A company that genuinely cares and creates a favourable environment will win over the hearts of its. . .

Jensen Fitness | Virtual Personal Trainer
  • Feb 26, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

5 Core Strengthening Exercises for a Shredded Stomach

Been looking to improve your core strength? Our personal trainers in Calgary have put together a list of the five best core strengthening exercises for you to do so you can get that shredded stomach you've always wanted. If you were to ask. . .

Fitness Trainer Calgary | Jensen Fitness
  • Feb 14, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

4 Simple Tips for Getting Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

Have you hit a wall with your weight loss? You may have run into a dreaded weight-loss plateau. But there are ways to overcome this frustrating obstacle. Here are four tips for doing so.   Hitting a weight-loss plateau is one of the most. . .

Online Personal Training Calgary | Jensen Fitness
  • Jan 31, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

5 At-Home Exercise Activities to Stay In Shape During the Second Wave

We're somewhat in limbo right now. Vaccines are being rolled out but the threat of COVID remains high. If you have been heeding the advice from public health officials and staying home as much as possible, here are five easy at-home exercise. . .

Calgary Bootcamp | Jensen Fitness
  • Jan 24, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

Are Fitness Boot Camps Worth It? Science Says 'Yes'

Fitness boot camps have grown increasingly popular over the past few years. But are the workouts really worth it? Science is saying "yes", as we'll show in this week's article.   Ten-hut!  While fitness, bridal, or weight-loss boot. . .

Weight Loss Programs Calgary | Jensen Fitness
  • Jan 17, 2021
  • Shayne Jensen

How to Select a Safe and Successful Online Weight Loss Program

Have you been wanting to lose weight but don't know where to start? The ongoing pandemic has certainly made things more difficult for those in your position, but an online weight loss program may be the perfect answer. Online weight loss. . .

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  • Dec 28, 2020
  • Shayne Jensen

12 Easy At-Home Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids — No Equipment Needed!

It looks like we're going to be stuck inside a bit longer, thanks to colder weather and the second wave of COVID-19. Here are 12 easy workouts you can do at home with the kiddos so everyone in the family stays healthy this winter. This. . .

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  • Jun 11, 2020
  • Shayne Jensen

What is Creatine and Should I Be Using it?

Not sure what creatine is? Wondering if you should be using it when working out? In our article this week, we'll break down this polarizing supplement and hopefully provide you with the info you need to make an informed decision about whether. . .

fitness trainer Calgary, virtual personal training, virtual personal trainer, virtual personal training Calgary, online nutrition coach Calgary, Calgary virtual personal trainer, online personal trainer, online weightloss program, weight loss Calgary, Calgary weight management, best weight loss Calgary, Jensen Fitness
  • Jun 04, 2020
  • Shayne Jensen

How to Get a Killer Summer Bod While Gyms Are Still Closed

Worried about how you'll get that killer summer bod you always wanted now that all the gyms are closed? While it's definitely tougher without fitness facilities, there's still plenty of ways to get ripped using at-home. . .

best weight loss Calgary
  • Jun 21, 2018
  • Shayne Jensen

4 Reasons Exercising Outdoors Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

With the summer months come warmer and longer days. Here are some of the benefits of exercising outdoors this season and how it can give you the best weight loss results.   The first couple of hours in the morning lay the foundation for the. . .

5 Ways Strength Training Help You Lose Weight Faster
  • Apr 23, 2018
  • Shayne Jensen

5 Ways Strength Training Help You Lose Weight Faster

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, your mind might not immediately jump to strength training, but perhaps it should! Here are 4 ways lifting weights can aid you in your weight loss journey.   The importance of regular exercise and a. . .

Cardio weight loss training
  • May 14, 2017
  • Shayne Jensen

Calgary Cardio Workouts and Weight Loss

Looking to incorporate more cardio into your weight loss program? Here are a few tips to develop the best cardio workout for you and enhance your weight loss goals. Although many different exercises including weight training and mobility. . .

Fitness Myths Debunked
  • Mar 29, 2017
  • Shayne Jensen

Fact vs Fiction: 4 Common Exercise Myths Debunked

Going to the gym but not seeing the results? Our Calgary fitness experts recommend purging these common physical activity myths from your mind. Going to the gym and working out is a great investment in both your physical and emotional. . .

diet for weight loss and personal trainer calgary
  • Feb 14, 2017
  • Shayne Jensen

Why You Should Stop Obsessing Over the Scale

When you are trying to lose some weight, it’s easy to get overly concerned with the number you see when you step on the scale. While it can be a good thing to check in from time to time, obsessing over this number isn’t healthy, nor is it always. . .

Fitness Experts Calgary
  • Jan 25, 2017
  • Shayne Jensen

How Mobility & Stability Training Can Improve Your Quality of Life and Reduce Pain

Some of the most common terms we associate with fitness include muscle, strength, endurance and weight loss. However two of the most important components of a fitness regime that often get overlooked are mobility and stability training. By. . .

Calgary Personal Trainer
  • Nov 09, 2016
  • Christine Jensen

Turn those Arms from Flab to Fab with this superset

Try these 2 Amazing Arm Defining Exercises for the Triceps. Add these in to your next upperbody workout and feel the burn! Superset:  One Arm Cable Reverse Woodchops 4x15 (each arm) Standing(one arm behind the neck) Tricep Extensions. . .

Calgary Personal Trainer
  • Feb 18, 2016
  • Christine Jensen

Friday Morning Metcon

Friday Morning Metcon    Go all out for 30 seconds with each exercise then move on to the next one (taking little to no rest in between exercises). Complete all 3 circuits with minimal rest. Repeat 4 times. This will take approx. . .

calgary personal trainer
  • Dec 09, 2015
  • Christine Jensen

Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day FitFam. Give this Booty Blasting Exercise a try! You will be sure to feel the burn ;) Walking Lunges                  3 sets 50 reps Glute Machine Kick Backs 3 sets 15 reps Cable Kick Backs (Heavy)  3 sets 12. . .

  • Nov 18, 2015
  • Christine Jensen

Short on Time? Try my Metcon Workout of the Day

Do you struggle to find time to fit your workouts in? Then you must give this Metcon workout a try.   The Full Body Flush boosts your metabolism and pushes your entire body to the limit. Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or MetCons for short, are. . .

  • Sep 23, 2013
  • Shayne Jensen

The Titan Workout

The Titan Workout 7 flights of stairs 100 Crunches 40 Leg Press 3X (Rope Face Pull 20 & Squat Jump 20) 7 flights of stairs 100 Crunches 40 Leg Press 3X(Lat Pulldown 20 & Goblet Squat 30) 7 flights of stairs 100. . .

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Today I finished a 10 week challenge, and I am so happy with my results. I started off the year committed to get this weight off, get healthier and fix my hips and back. My pain is gone, I am stronger, I have lost weight and inches. Thank you guys for helping me rediscover something I had lost.

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