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Calgary Cardio Workouts and Weight Loss

Looking to incorporate more cardio into your weight loss program? Here are a few tips to develop the best cardio workout for you and enhance your weight loss goals.

Although many different exercises including weight training and mobility exercises burn calories and contribute to your weight loss effort, no other form of exercise burns as many calories as cardio. This makes it a cornerstone of the best weight loss programs.

However, the benefits of cardio extend well beyond weight loss. Regular cardio workouts will also:

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Ease symptoms of depression, stress and fatigue
  • Stimulate the repair and rebuilding process in your body after an intense workout

At Jensen Fitness, our experienced and knowledgeable Calgary personal trainers can help incorporate a cardio routine into your exercise program to help you achieve the best weight loss results in the shortest time frame possible.


6 Ways To Build Your Best Weight Loss Program Using Cardio

Cardio training has clear and obvious benefits for everyday life including improved heart health and weight loss. However, to ensure you are getting the most out of your cardio workout, it’s important to understand that a successful cardio routine involves some key elements.

Here are a few tips on how to bring your cardio and overall fitness to new heights:

1. Be strategic with your timing

A good weight loss program involves understanding your body and preferences and working around that to keep yourself motivated. If you always end up skipping out on your cardio, then do it when you first get to the gym or on your ‘off days.’

Remember, it’s not necessarily about when you do it, it’s making sure you don’t completely eliminate it from your workout routine.

2. Keep your focus

While many people say they read a magazine or catch up on their TV shows while doing cardio, this is never a good idea.

Getting the best from your weight loss program means focusing on the task at hand. You can only put your energy fully into one thing at a time so make sure it’s your cardio workout.

3. Work in a few sprints

For the best weight loss results, incorporate some sprints into your normal run or as their own workout session. Sprints rev your metabolism, strengthen your heart and build the muscles in your legs.

4. Add some bodyweight exercises

Running or any other form of cardio, when done continuously, can become repetitive and boring. Break up your cardio sessions with some bodyweight exercises. Not only will this motivate you to keep going but will add a strength-building component to your workout.

5. Become consistent

Successful weight loss requires dedication and focus. Your best weight loss results will be seen after 1-2 months of consistent cardio workouts so be sure you get into a routine and stick with it.

Documenting your progress can help keep you motivated and stop you straying from or skipping any cardio workouts.

6. Make sure to cool down

Once you have completed a vigorous cardio workout, it’s extremely important to bring your heart rate back down. This will progressively slow down your body after an intense session and aid in improving your recovery process.

What Type of Cardio is Right For You?

We have all been told to devote some time in the gym to cardio. However, it’s important to remember that, depending on your fitness goals, certain types of cardio workouts are better for you than others.

1. Strengthening Your Heart

The health of your heart depends largely on how efficiently you train it.

Interval training will not only allow you to break free from the boredom of a repetitive cardio workout, it is also much more efficient at improving your heart health and strength.

2. Weight Loss

Losing stubborn body fat and getting into the best possible shape is challenging but not impossible.

For the best weight loss results, high intensity aerobic exercises including crossfit, running and kickboxing will blast away fat and keep your metabolism revved.


3. Knee Injuries

If you have a knee injury, you know how easy a flare up can be with some cardio. Some of the best exercises to get your heart rate up and promote weight loss without further damaging your knees include:

  • Swimming
  • Elliptical
  • Rowing
  • Cycling

With any form of exercise, you get out what you put in. Working with a personal trainer can help you push and challenge yourself without overtraining and causing any further injuries.


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