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5 Core Strengthening Exercises for a Shredded Stomach

Been looking to improve your core strength? Our personal trainers in Calgary have put together a list of the five best core strengthening exercises for you to do so you can get that shredded stomach you've always wanted.

If you were to ask both men and women what physical features within their control they wished they had, washboard abs or a toned stomach would be pretty high on the list. While diet plays a huge part in getting a shredded stomach that's the envy of all your friends, certain core strengthening exercises can help get you there. 

The best part? By strengthening your core, your balance and overall physical fitness will also improve immensely. It's truly quite amazing how often we use our core muscles in our everyday activities, and once you develop them, you will feel them in action all the time.

Now let's look at the five best core strengthening exercises currently out there.

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5 Core Strengthening Exercises for a Shredded Stomach

Improving your core strength is a great way to get the toned stomach you've always wanted. It's also an amazing way to improve your overall strength and balance, as your core muscles are constantly used in nearly everything we do. Once you can activate your core muscles to make certain exercises or activities easier, you will be astonished to see how quickly your overall fitness level skyrockets. 

Now without further ado, here are the five best core strengthening exercises you can do anywhere.

1. Plank: The plank is the gold standard among core strengthening exercises. Most personal trainers even claim it's their favourite one, both for themselves and their clients. With many variations to the standard form, this is the one core exercise you will want to constantly keep in your workout routine.

2. V-sit: This exercise will have your muscles twitching and your body shaking in no time. Much like its name suggests, you sit on the ground and raise your legs and back up until your body makes the form of a V. Keep your arms tucked tight to your side with your palms up and do your best to keep your shoulders away from your ears. Which we can guarantee will be tough!

3. Six inches: This killer core exercise targets your lower abdominal muscles like no other. Start laying down on your back with your legs straight on the ground. Then raise your feet six inches from the ground and hold them there for as long as you can, doing your best to keep your legs straight the entire time. You can even throw in some flutter kicks and sideways leg crossovers to really make your core burn.

4. Bridge: A lot of people think the bridge exercise is only for improving glute strength. While it certainly will tone those glutes, if it's done properly, this exercise also gives your lower abs a great workout too. Just make sure your hips are tucked under, and you'll improve two body parts at the same time. 

5. V-ups: Thought the V-sit was hard? Then you're in for a treat with V-ups. Think of these as a sit-up on steroids. Start on your back laying down with your arms flat behind your head. Then raise your legs and arms until you touch your toes and make a V in the process. While it may take some time to master, there are modified versions of this exercise available. And those who have already mastered it, can use a medicine ball in their hands to take things up a notch.


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Don't Forget About Diet

While the five exercises above are great for improving core strength, you won't have six-pack abs anytime soon if you neglect your diet. Toned and defined stomachs are developed in the kitchen more than they are in the gym. So make sure you get your nutrition right before killing yourself with any hardcore ab workouts. 

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What is the best core workout?

In terms of what is the single best core exercise, most personal trainers agree the plank is number one. If you're looking for a truly killer core workout, be sure to do all five of the ones we listed in the article above.

Does core exercise reduce belly fat?

Sadly, no. Research has shown that core exercises alone will not help reduce belly fat. That's why diet and cardio are so important!

How do you know if you have a weak core?

Can you flex your stomach muscles? Do they feel strong? Would you let someone punch them really hard? If you answered "no" to any of those questions, then you most likely have a weak core. Other signs include lower back pain, poor posture, and bad balance.


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