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4 Reasons Exercising Outdoors Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

With the summer months come warmer and longer days. Here are some of the benefits of exercising outdoors this season and how it can give you the best weight loss results. 

The first couple of hours in the morning lay the foundation for the rest of your day ahead. Morning workouts are said to have many benefits from helping you achieve your weight loss goals and giving you more energy

Here are just some reasons why you should make them a part of your routine this summer:

  • it fires up the brain and improves your mental health
  • it helps you form a habit and encourages you to stick to your weight loss routine
  • you’ll have more energy throughout the day
  • it helps you make healthier choices when it comes to your summer diet

Weight Loss


How Outdoor Training Helps You Achieve The Best Weight Loss Results

Is your exercise plan in need of a kick-start this summer? Are you looking for ways to reinvigorate your fitness routine to help you achieve your weight loss results? There is no better time than summer to skip the gym and head outdoors.

Here are 4 reasons why taking your summer workouts outdoors can give you the best weight loss results:

1. Increased Activity Level

While exercising indoors is valuable, it has been shown that exercising outside requires a lot more energy due to outdoor elements that provide natural resistance such as:

  • increased temperature
  • wind
  • hills
  • uneven ground

This will force your body to get a better workout and burn extra calories and fat for even greater weight loss results.


2. Improved Mental Health

It has been well documented that light affects mood, so take advantage of the sunshine during the summer months by getting outdoors as often as possible. Outdoor activity has been associated with:

  • revitalization
  • increased energy
  • decreased tension and confusion
  • lower risks of depression

While exercise can enhance your physical health, taking your workout outdoors into your neighbourhood can enhance your real-life social network and help you create more positive relationships.


3. You Can Turn Exercise Time into Family Time

Going outdoors gives you the opportunity to turn your exercise time into family time. Instead of going for your usual fitness class you may want to take your spouse and children:

  • on a hike
  • bike riding
  • to the playground

While playing at the playground might not be as intense a workout as a session with your personal trainer, chasing your kids around and climbing the playground equipment can help you build up a good sweat while spending time with the most important people in your life.


4. It Never Gets Boring

One of the main reasons that exercising outdoors gives you the best weight loss results is because it is full of variety! It allows you to change your routine daily and the options - from walking, running and swimming, to playing soccer or any other outdoor sports - are almost endless, ensuring you’ll never get bored!


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