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Jensen Fitness offers 12, 24 and 36 Week Online Training and Nutrition Coaching Programs that are designed to help you create healthier habits and maximize your overall health, fitness, and well-being. We provide you with a customized nutrition plan, workouts designed specifically for you, regular check-ins, and unlimited support for the duration of your program. If you live local to Calgary, Fit3D Body Scans are also included as part of your program. Workouts are delivered on a cutting-edge platform to keep you organized and having fun as you work towards your goals!

The Jensen Fitness Online Training is offered in two formats: Nutrition Coaching plus Workouts, and Nutrition Coaching only. During your introductory call with us, we will take the time to understand your goals, objectives, and timelines and will recommend which format is best suited for you!

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Trainer Supervised

So many online training programs are delivered as templated PDFs and recurring automated messaging. We understand that everybody is different and require the correct levels of support and customization to establish momentum and consistency. Your journey will include breaking through the initial point of inertia as well as navigating through plateaus and obstacles. What differentiates our programs from other online offerings is the level of support and coaching that is included. We are here to develop an online program specific to your goals, your lifestyle, your abilities, and your limitations. We leverage cutting-edge technology and training methodologies to create programs that are challenging and yet realistic and attainable. We then wrap this with ongoing support and guidance so you don't have to do this alone.

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Location Independent

Everything is changing. We live in a new world, with ever-changing rules and restrictions. It is more important now than ever to look after yourself, build your immunity, and stay consistent. Recognizing this, the Jensen Fitness Online Training Program is designed to ensure that you are able to stay consistent regardless of location or restriction. Whether you're working out from home, in a gym or even in a hotel room (if you're a business traveller) our program is designed with flexibility and agility. Our system is designed to remove all the barriers and roadblocks to your success.  Nothing will come in your way.

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Best-In-Class Coaching

To master your body, you must also master your mind.  With our ELITE tiered program, you unlock JWI 360. We are committed to providing an integrated model of wellness that achieves a more holistic and sustainable level of health. Our approach includes (but is not limited to), nutrition, fitness, mindset coaching, goal setting, and stress management. Included in Jensen Wellness 360 are bi-weekly coaching sessions where your coach evaluates your training and nutrition data, discusses any challenges and roadblocks you may have in the gym, in the kitchen, or in life, and co-creates pathways that you can leverage to get better and stronger, day by day.

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Support & Accountability

We keep you accountable to your plan through regular communication, weekly check-ins, and real-time feedback. Clients who are accountable for their actions are more motivated to stick to their plan. When motivation is high, clients are more likely to achieve their fitness goals.


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