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12 Easy At-Home Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids — No Equipment Needed!

It looks like we're going to be stuck inside a bit longer, thanks to colder weather and the second wave of COVID-19. Here are 12 easy workouts you can do at home with the kiddos so everyone in the family stays healthy this winter.

This holiday season is shaping up to be like no other thanks to COVID-19. While there won't be as many festive opportunities for the kids to partake in this year, you can distract them this winter with some great exercises that the whole family can do. You'll even burn off some of their extra energy in the process!

Keep reading for 12 easy at-home workouts that you can do with your kids, which don't require any equipment whatsoever.

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12 Easy At-Home Workouts You Can Do With Your Kids — No Equipment Needed!

Too often parents think they need to find time away from the kids to fit their workouts in. In reality, the best way to get your workouts in with kids in the house is to invite them to join in on all the fun! You'll remain fit, and your kids will learn the importance of being healthy and active while getting in shape themselves. 

Here are the top 12 easy at-home workouts that everyone in the family can do without having to spend any money on expensive equipment.

1. Push-Ups

Ah, the classic push-up. Simple, yet effective. The biggest thing when it comes to push-ups is making sure you (and your kids) have the proper form down pat. That means lining your hands up with your pectorals and keeping a straight back throughout the motion. No elevated bums! If regular push-ups are too easy for your #fitfam, try taking things up a notch by doing diamond push-ups, clap push-ups, or widening your hands to form a Y. You can even throw your kid on your back and do some push-ups while they hold onto you if you really want to impress them. If standard push-ups are proving too hard for you or your kids, drop down to your knees and do some modified ones instead.

2. Sit-Ups

One classic deserves another. If you're having trouble keeping your feet on the ground, slide them under a sofa or coffee table to ensure you're getting the best results from all your hard work. Or better yet, have your kids hold onto your feet and do the same for them when their turn comes.

3. Mountain Climbers

Time to take things up another level. This exercise starts in a push-up position (which your kids are already pros at by now!) and sees you bring your knee to your elbow, alternating each leg every time. You can either bring your knees across your body or straight ahead. Either way is guaranteed to work up a good sweat.

4. Bear crawl

Bring out the bear in your little cubs with this great full-body exercise. Start with your palms flat on the floor and arch your back as you challenge your kids to see who can get to one side of the room and back the fastest. You can even tap into their inner bear and make a competition out of who can roar the loudest while they're doing it!

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5. Burpees

This one is going to tucker your kids out nice and quick. Begin by jumping up as high as you can, then bring yourself down to a plank, throw in a perfectly executed push-up, then jump back up again. The exercise works best when performed in one fluid motion without any pauses between repetitions. If your kids (or you) are having trouble doing more than 10 in a row, simply ditch the push-up.

6. Star Jumps

This is sure to be a contender for your kids' favourite exercise. Stand nice and tall without any bend in your knees and push off into the air with all your might, extending your arms and legs so you make an X at the height of your jump. Make it a little more fun for the kids by having them shout "I'm a SUPERSTAR" during the extension. 

7. Squats

Back to the basics. Your kids are naturally born squatters, so this should be an easy one for them to master. You can try to see who can do the most within a minute or who can go the lowest to make things a bit more interesting for them. Just make sure everyone's feet are shoulder-width apart and their knees are behind their toes when squatting down. Aim for a nice 90-degree angle in the legs at the bottom of the motion too.

8. Lunges

You can pretend you guys are being eccentric pirates if that helps the kids want to do this easy workout more. Start with your hands on your hips, take one step forward with either leg, and drop down until your forward leg makes a 90-degree angle and your back knee touches the ground. Make sure that the front leg doesn't extend past your toes though! 

9. Leg Raises

You can do this exercise in two different ways. The classic approach sees you on your back, the modern one on your side. Whichever position you find yourself in, just make sure your knee isn't bent when you raise your leg. You can hold them up to make things harder and fire those abdominal muscles even further. Be careful you don't arch your back at all while holding your legs up though.

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10. Jumping Jacks

You'll have your kids saying "Yes, sir" and "No, ma'am" in no time with this one. There are plenty of variations you can do in addition to the classic version, such as going in reverse. Pair these with some burpees and your kids will have no problem going to bed that night.

11. Planks

Supporting one's own bodyweight in this fashion is a truly exhausting exercise. Put your elbows on the floor and raise up onto your toes, keeping your body and head in a nice straight line the entire time. Throw a little friendly competition into the mix by going eye-to-eye with one of your kids to see who can last the longest. Otherwise, aim for 30 seconds before taking a brief break and getting back into the plank position. If your kids are light enough, have them hop onto your back while you do it to show them just how strong you are. Tell them it's because you eat your veggies and see if they don't gobble theirs down at your next meal.

12. Butterfly Kicks

Lay down on your back and do your best Michael Phelps impression for this exercise. With your legs lifted off the ground and fully extended with no bend in the knee, begin to flutter kick like Phelps did back when he was winning all those gold medals at the Olympics. Begin with your legs higher up to start, then lower them as the exercise starts to get more difficult (and your abs start to beg for mercy). 

You should try to do each of the above exercises for around 50 seconds, then take a short 15-second break before moving onto the next one. Aim for about a half-hour workout in total. Longer if you and your kids are up for the task!

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