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Tips On How You Can Find A Personal Trainer Who Works Well For You

Tips On How You Can Find A Personal Trainer Who Works Well For You

A personal trainer is more than just someone who tells you what to do in a gym setting a few times a week. They are your one-person support group, nutritionist, and teacher. Finding a personal trainer that you connect with and whose training style you enjoy can be difficult. Finding the right personal trainer is almost like dating. It can be overwhelming trying to find the right trainer that checks off all of your boxes; who can motivate you and push you to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. Before you hire a trainer who leaves you unmotivated or who doesn’t seem to understand your fitness goals, follow these strategies to ensure you locate an in-gym or online trainer that will help you reach all of your fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable way.

Before you embark on your fitness journey, it is important to find a trainer who will help guide you in the right direction while continuously motivating you and giving you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. Follow these tips to help you find your best personal trainer match.

Know Your Goals

Before you even step foot into the gym, you must first identify why you are making this change in your life and what you want to come out of it. Do not walk into the gym asking a trainer to make you look like Beyonce or Channing Tatum. First, ask yourself why you want to start training and voice your concerns and interests so you can be best matched with the right trainer. If your goal is to run a marathon, let your gym know so they can suggest a trainer who has run a marathon themself, or has trained successful marathon runners. Understanding what you want out of your fitness journey will help you better find a personal trainer who will help you best achieve those goals.

Find Your Personal Trainer In A Group Class

You now know that you want to embark on your fitness journey and that you want a weight loss coach or personal trainer to help guide you in the right direction. But say you do not have any glowing recommendations from friends, family or anyone you know. How do you go about figuring out what personal trainer to hire? One of the most effective ways to find a trainer is by first starting with group classes. Almost 9 out of 10 times, the person teaching the class also does private sessions. You will get the opportunity to see how the trainer interacts with their clientele, their training style, and their personality type to determine if you think they would be a good fit for you before hiring them.

Ask Your Potential Trainer These 3 Questions

These are three critical questions to ask your potential personal trainer to ensure they are experienced and qualified as well as able to help you reach your fitness goals. If you feel uncomfortable asking your trainer these questions, then it is a sure sign to resume your search.

What would you do for me if I became your client?
The right answer to this question is “ I would help motivate you and give you the knowledge to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals.”  A personal trainer should reflect your goals and not just give you workouts that are trendy or have worked with other people they have trained. A good trainer will tailor a workout plan specific to you and your goals to help you achieve optimal results.

Is personal training your only job?
The right answer to this question should be yes. A good personal trainer is passionate and does personal training as a living. A qualified and motivated trainer is always training and their competence with other clients should sell itself. 

Do you do this workout yourself?
A good trainer should practice what they preach. The workouts and exercises you do should be part of their own routine as well. A lot of trainers will copy workouts from popular sites or create workouts that are visually appealing that they cannot do themselves. This may result in sessions that are ineffective or useless to you. Both online and in-gym trainers should be creating workouts that they can do to show you how to correctly perform the exercises and guide you better. 

Calgary’s Best Personal Trainers

No resume of impressive credentials can make up for a personality clash with a personal trainer. Book a consultation with a weight loss coach or personal trainer and ask them the list of questions above before hiring them to ensure they will be the right fit to guide you on your fitness journey. A consultation will allow you to learn about a trainer’s coaching style and you will learn whether or not you want to spend your time and money with this person for many weeks to come. 

Looking for a weight loss program or personal trainer in Calgary? Jensen Fitness has some of the best trainers in the city and provides tailored programs that help our clients reach their personal fitness goals in a safe, sustainable manner. To find out how our trainers can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals online or in the gym, contact us by calling 403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: What if I do not want to do in-gym personal training?
A: No worries if you do not want to do in-gym training sessions with a personal trainer. At Jensen Fitness, we offer online personal training services to accommodate you. To learn more about our online personal training services, contact our team by calling 403-200-0199.

Q: How often should I see my personal trainer?
A: The number of times you meet with your trainer will depend on your goals, time availability, and recommendations by your trainer. Typically, your trainer will ask to meet with you around 2-3 times per week when you first start out.

Q: How much does a personal trainer cost?
A: The cost of a personal trainer will depend on how many sessions you require and how long each training session is. To learn more about Jensen Fitness  personal training costs, contact our team by calling 403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


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