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4 Simple Tips for Getting Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

Have you hit a wall with your weight loss? You may have run into a dreaded weight-loss plateau. But there are ways to overcome this frustrating obstacle. Here are four tips for doing so. 

Hitting a weight-loss plateau is one of the most difficult things you can encounter on your weight-loss journey. Where your diet and exercise efforts used to yield satisfying results, now those same efforts can't move the needle in a positive direction — or worse yet — are leading to the numbers on the scale going in the wrong direction. 

While it's easy to despair in these times, there are ways of overcoming a weight-loss plateau. Here are the top four tips.

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4 Simple Tips for Getting Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

Sooner or later, everyone who is on a weight-loss journey will run into a weight-loss plateau. It's simply inevitable. This is due to the fact that, as you lose weight, your metabolic rate begins to slow down in an effort to retain fat. This holdover from our ancestors is a response to our bodies perceiving the weight loss as a threat to our survival in the form of starvation. 

But there are ways to overcome this extremely annoying side effect of losing weight. Below are the four best strategies.

1. Make sure your habits are still good:
One of the ways a weight-loss plateau can occur is by us slipping a bit with our healthy eating and exercise habits. Take a look back to make sure you haven't been increasing the portion sizes during your meals or working out less. Even if you have only slipped up a little bit, it could be the cause of your weight-loss plateau.

2. Reduce your calories:
Another way to overcome your weight-loss plateau is by further reducing the number of calories you consume. So long as it doesn't put you below the 1,200 daily threshold. Dipping below this number may lead to you feeling constantly hungry, increasing the chances you will overeat.

3. Increase the intensity of your workouts:
Taking your workouts up a notch can certainly help you break past a weight-loss plateau. Introducing weightlifting into your exercise routine is one such way you can do this. The additional muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories when you work out. If you're worried about bulking up too much, just use smaller weights while working out which will lead to a more toned physique. 

4. Be more active during the day:
Physical activity is not only confined to the gym. Try to find ways outside of it that you can be more active. Things like walking more or doing strenuous household chores such as yard work and cleaning will all burn calories. Look for opportunities to be more active throughout your day and capitalize on them. It could be just what you need to get past your weight-loss plateau.


Switch Things Up

A weight-loss plateau can be a great chance for you to switch things up with your weight-loss efforts. Instead of viewing it as a negative obstacle, try to frame it as an opportunity to try something new. A plateau signifies you've been successful with your hard work and discipline and your body is simply reacting in a completely normal way. Now it's time to take things up a notch and use your newfound physical and mental skills to push past this barrier. 

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Q: How long does a weight-loss plateau last?

Until you break past it and begin to lose weight again. How long this takes varies from person to person, but with the four tips we listed above, you should be able to start losing weight again within one to two weeks.

Q: How do I get past a weight-loss plateau?

The four easiest ways to get past a weight-loss plateau include increasing the intensity of your workouts, being more active outside of the gym, reducing the number of calories you consume, and making sure you aren't slipping with your diet or exercise habits.

Q: Is a weight-loss plateau good?

You may not view it as 'good' but a weight-loss plateau is totally normal and something everyone who is trying to lose weight deals with. It signals your efforts have been successful and your body is trying to fight off further weight loss as it perceives it as a threat to its survival. Use our four tips above and you can get past your weight-loss plateau quickly and safely.


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