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3 Benefits Of Implementing A Fitness Program Into Your Business

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. That’s because the success of your business relies on the health and well-being of your employees.  A company that genuinely cares and creates a favourable environment will win over the hearts of its employees, encouraging them to work harder and smarter.

Corporate fitness programs aim to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and improve the well-being of employees. One of the best ways to get your employees into corporate fitness programs is to hire a dedicated personal trainer. With a professional around, they will be more inclined to focus on their fitness goals.

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Why Incorporate A Fitness Program Into Your Business?

Take a look at big corporations such as Apple, Google, and Instagram. They put a huge emphasis on the well-being of their employees by offering numerous fitness programs on and off their campuses. Employees know that the company they work for cares about their well-being, galvanizing their productivity. 

Employers must consider providing these programs to not only help their employees flourish but also improve the overall success of their business. Here are some common reasons why most businesses incorporate a fitness program:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce high turnover rates
  • Reduce employee medical costs
  • Increased job satisfaction and engagement

A personal trainer can be key in introducing your employees to a corporate fitness program. Jensen Fitness can help with that. Our personal trainers in Calgary provide tailored, goal-specific programs that help our clients achieve incredible, safe, and sustainable results. To learn more, contact us by calling (403) 200-0199 or fill out our online contact form.

3 Benefits Of Corporate Fitness Programs

It is no secret that exercise improves a person's overall well-being. Even a 20-minute workout can rejuvenate your lungs, energize your body, and sharpen your mind. All of these things can improve your mood and increase the efficiency of your work. With a fitness program put in place, your business will be running like a well-oiled machine.

Lower Healthcare Costs

To save money, you need to spend money. Canadian businesses lose millions of dollars due to low productivity because of employee smoking habits, improper nutrition, and lack of exercise. These problems can lead to serious health issues which can be quite expensive to treat. A Harvard Business Review article found that for every dollar spent on fitness programs, company medical costs fell by an average of $3.50. A fitness program is not just a cool, trendy luxury that companies introduce. They are also a way to take care of your employees and resources.

Reduce Stress Levels

Exercising has relaxing and exhilarating properties. Many employees, especially ones working desk jobs, complain about eye strain as well as neck and back pain. If these problems are not addressed right away, more extreme health problems will persist in the future such as chronic back pain or varicose vein conditions, which cause more stress on the body. 

The right fitness programs will teach employees how to properly manage their stress and anxiety by channelling it into exercising. They will receive stress-reducing instructions, such as workouts for reducing monotony and stretching exercises. Clinical results prove that exercise is excellent for dissipating stress, battling depression, improving sleep, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Improve Team Dynamics

The more employees that participate in a fitness program, the better the workplace teamwork gets. Employees will be able to become acquainted with one another, and these relationships will translate into workplace productivity. These programs will increase social support among employees as they get to boost each other's confidence and hold each other accountable. Team-building seminars and workshops are just a quick fix for improving communication and teamwork. Fitness programs offer the same benefits as these seminars, except they offer them every single day all the while reducing stress levels in the work environment.

Start Your Corporate Fitness Program Off Right With Jensen Fitness

Company culture will greatly benefit from implementing corporate fitness programs. Workers are able to interact outside of a work environment and get a chance to express themselves more freely. There is also increased loyalty from employees who work for a company with fitness programs. This is because employees see these programs as a gesture of goodwill. 

Are you looking to improve the productivity and morale of your business? To find out more about our corporate weight loss and fitness programs and how our highly qualified personal trainers in Calgary can help your team achieve incredible, safe, and sustainable results, contact us by calling 403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


Do I have to have my own gym to implement a corporate fitness program with a personal trainer for my employees?
No, you do not. You can engage with a personal trainer outside of your business by using the gym that is accessible to all of your employees.

Can you offer online and in-gym personal training options?
Yes.  Jensen Fitness offers both online and in-gym personal training sessions.

How much does a corporate fitness program cost?
This will largely depend on the size of your business, how many employees you have, as well as how often you would like to offer training sessions. Our personal trainers at Jensen Fitness will be able to give you a better understanding of our corporate fitness programs and what they entail. Contact us to learn more by calling (403) 200-0199.




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