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5 Ways Strength Training Help You Lose Weight Faster

If you’re trying to shed some pounds, your mind might not immediately jump to strength training, but perhaps it should! Here are 4 ways lifting weights can aid you in your weight loss journey. 

The importance of regular exercise and a well-planned fitness program for achieving the safest, and quickest weight loss results cannot be denied. Not only will this increase your  metabolic rate and help you maintain lean body mass, it has other incredible benefits including:

  • improved heart health
  • improved mental state
  • lowered risk of developing certain health issues such as cancer and osteoporosis
  • lower blood pressure

Weight loss


5 Ways Lifting Weights Helps With Weight Loss

While weight-lifting has become increasingly popular, especially among women, some still fear that they’ll soon resemble body builders rather than create the lean physique they desire and prefer to stick to cardio workouts.

While it’s definitely true that cardio workouts will get your heart working and, as a result, help your body burn calories, strength training is what is really going to give your weight loss goals that extra boost.

Are you trying to lose weight? Here are 5 reasons why you should start lifting weights today:

1. Weight Lifting Helps You Gain Muscle

When you lift weights, you build lean muscle tissue. This leads to you indirectly losing fat because more muscle means a higher metabolism. Did you know? For every kilogram of muscle you build, you will burn an extra 100 calories at rest, even when you’re not doing anything!


2. Weight Lifting Burns More Calories Than Cardio

If you’re trying to reach your weight loss goal, cardio exercises are very efficient because they do help you lose fat. However, lifting weights burns a lot more calories, plus they have a greater afterburn effect.

Did You Know? Your body continues to burn calories after you’re done with your workout, even when you’re resting or sleeping. 

How To Achieve Results


3. Weight Lifting Saves You Time

While cardio and aerobic exercises tend to be the most popular types of workouts for weight loss, they also take up plenty of time. If you have a busy schedule and often find it hard to get to the gym, then one hour daily might seem like an impossible task.

However, when it comes to lifting weights, all you need is half an hour/three days a week to begin to see incredible weight loss results.


4. Weight Lifting Preserves Your Muscle

One of the most unwanted side-effects of dieting is losing your muscle mass along with the weight. The good news is that weight training will help preserve your muscle mass, and even replace any lost muscle, preventing your metabolism from slowing down. This also helps you develop a lean, toned physique.

Weight Training Results


5. Weight Lifting Is Safe For Dieters

When you’re overweight, jogging and running for too many hours can put undue pressure and stress on your joints. Weight lifting, on the other hand, can help you build strong and healthy joints. It will also help protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis.


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