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How to Keep the Weight Off for Good

Looking for the top ways to keep all the weight you've lost off for good? While it may have seemed like a lot of work to get to this point, now is when the real hard work begins. Here's how you can keep those additional pounds at bay and remain at your ideal weight for years to come.

You've hit your goal weight and life is good. All your friends and family are extremely proud of you and you can't believe the new person staring back at you in the mirror. But then a scary thought creeps into your head. "What if I just put all the weight back on?" It's understandable that this would be one of your deepest, darkest fears for the months and years ahead. But there are ways you can avoid this nightmare. Here's how.

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How to Keep the Weight Off for Good

In many respects, maintaining your weight loss and remaining at your goal weight is tougher than losing the pounds in the first place. That's because you don't get the immediate payoff you once did after stepping on the scale. You had a goal and you achieved it. Now you need to double down with your discipline so those pesky pounds don't return. Here's how you can do so.

Kick old habits to the curb for good

You most likely did a great job curbing your bad habits which resulted in you wanting to lose weight in the first place. Now it's time to buckle down even further and do your best to entirely eliminate them from your life. While depriving yourself of any form of pleasure is not a sustainable way to go about living your life, you have to do everything you can to avoid reverting to your old ways if you want to keep the weight off for good this time. If completely eliminating some of your vices is not going to be possible, moderation must be your mantra.

Load up on the water

One of the easiest ways you can keep the weight off for good is by drinking lots of water. If you can gulp down the 8-10 glasses we're recommended to consume every day, then you'll keep your metabolism working the way it should and your appetite will be suppressed. Should you find yourself struggling to achieve the recommended amount of water each day, you may be drinking too many other types of beverages to meet this goal. If those beverages are pop or booze, be sure to cut back a bit so you don't start consuming too many empty calories on a consistent basis. 

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Increase your fibre intake

You may be tempted to reduce your overall caloric intake in an effort to keep your weight where it is, but that could backfire on you if your body enters 'survival mode' and your metabolism slows down. One way to avoid this problem and keep yourself full is by increasing how much fibre you consume. Foods that are rich in fibre generally pack less calories per bite than other ones, and they do a good job of filling you up. They also help keep your plumbing regular. And that's always a good thing. 


It can be tough trying to keep the pounds you've lost from piling back on again. But with a bit of discipline and hard work, you can remain at your ideal weight for the rest of your life. If you ever need any help though, we're always here to lend a helping hand. Just give us a shout and we'll get you back on track.

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Shayne Jensen

Shayne Jensen

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