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How Losing Weight Is So Much Easier With Challenges and a Coach

Have you been trying to lose weight but just can't seem to make a dent in your overall progress? Here's how a weight loss challenge paired with a weight loss coach can help make your life so much easier.

Losing weight can be such a challenge, especially when you try to go it alone. But with all the help and support out there nowadays, there's no reason anyone should struggle in solitary isolation while trying to reach their weight loss goals. One of the best support systems for those trying to shed pounds is a weight loss challenge paired with a weight loss coach. Our personal trainer in Calgary explains why.

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How Losing Weight Is So Much Easier With Challenges and a Coach

No person is an island. This is doubly true when trying to lose weight. Given the setbacks and roadblocks that can occur during this difficult endeavour, having a strong support system is vital to your success. Here's how the combination of competing in a weight loss challenge while receiving expert coaching can provide the lift and guidance you need to finally see the number on the scale you've been dreaming of for so long.

Support and camaraderie through your shared journey

If you've never heard of a weight loss challenge before, then here's a brief overview of how they work. A group of people who are all looking to lose weight and become more healthy sign up for a three-month or six-month friendly competition against one another to see who can shed the most pounds. The time frame may be shorter or longer, depending on how the challenge is organized.

Some weight loss challenges may also feature prizes or awards for those who lose the most weight, which is generally calculated as a percentage of the weight lost as opposed to the total amount to make it fairer for everyone involved. The main benefits of participating in a weight loss challenge include:

  • Being held accountable by your fellow participants
  • Support and camaraderie from your fellow participants as the challenge goes on
  • Additional motivation in the form of friendly competition
  • Sharing each other's successes and lifting one another up during difficult weeks

In addition to the above, those who take part in a weight loss challenge often end up continuing their newfound friendships for years to come following the end of the program. These 'accountability allies' as they're sometimes called, can be a huge help as you strive to maintain the weight loss you've accomplished and look to keep your healthy habits for the remainder of your life.


Expert guidance along the way

When you take part in a weight loss challenge, you also receive expert weight loss coaching from a personal trainer throughout the duration of the program. Depending on how the challenge is structured, the fitness facility or gym you sign up with will either feature one-on-one personal training or group training with your fellow participants, or a mix of both. 

At Jensen Fitness, our weight loss coaching goes well beyond simple personal training. It also features in-depth body analysis using the Fit3D Body Scanner, which will help track your progress and comes with expert nutrition coaching, which will maximize your workouts and help you achieve great results even faster. For more information on our weight loss program and to find out how we can help you achieve the weight loss you've always dreamt of, contact us today.

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