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4 Weight Loss Challenges Women Face and How to Overcome Them

When it comes to weight loss, men and women are different. Women tend to face unique challenges when it comes to dropping those extra pounds, so here is a basic guide to the obstacles you may face on your weight loss journey and how to overcome them.

Whether you are a man or a woman, weight loss is a challenging journey and going on it alone can become frustrating, especially when you aren’t seeing the results. That’s why many Calgarians who are looking to reach their weight loss goals opt to work with a personal trainer who can give them a customized fitness and weight loss program.

Whether you are just starting out with an exercise program, or you aren’t seeing the results you want with your current routine, some of the signs that you may need help from a personal trainer include:

  • You’ve been exercising consistently for weeks but still aren’t seeing the results
  • You’re new to exercise and aren’t sure where to start
  • You’re bored with your current workouts and weight loss program
  • You need accountability and motivation to get you over the hurdles of your program
  • You have a specific illness, injury, or condition
  • You’re training for a sport or a specific event

Whatever You Need, You’ll Find it At Our Calgary Gym and Weight Loss Clinic

At Jensen Fitness, we understand that everyone’s fitness and weight loss needs and goals are different. That’s why our experienced personal trainers work together with you to assess your fitness level, any injuries you may have, and your lifestyle, to develop a customized program that will give you the fast and sustainable weight loss results you desire.

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4 Weight Loss Challenges That Women Face and How to Overcome Them

Men and women were created equal, but when it comes to weight loss, women face unique challenges when it comes to getting the bathroom scale to budge. If you are struggling with shedding those extra pounds, it’s important to understand what may be hindering you and how to overcome these challenges.

Here is some information and key weight loss tips that may help you achieve your goals:

1. Women Tend to Experience Higher Stress Levels

Almost everyone feels stressed at some point of the day, but research shows that due to the demands of their work commitments, family lives, and social ties, women are more prone than men to feel increased levels of stress.

What does this mean? The high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol increases appetite and it makes you crave food high in fat and sugar.

What to do: To keep stress from sabotaging your weight loss journey, try to spend a few minutes every day practicing simple stress reduction strategies, such as going for a brief walk or practicing meditation for at least 10 minutes a day.

2. Women Are More Likely to Feel Self-Conscious About The Way They Look

Do you keep magazines in the house that are full of skinny models and actresses? Many media images of women and unrealistic weight loss goals can cause women to become frustrated and give up their own diet and exercise when their results don’t match up.

What to do: Throw out those magazines and be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you have an occasional treat and if you fall off the wagon, don’t throw in the towel. Remind yourself that slip ups are bound to happen and feeling guilty is only going to make weight loss harder.

3. Women Experience Hormonal Changes

As women age, estrogen levels drop and metabolism slows down. As a result, women tend to lose muscle and gain fat, especially around the abdominal area.

What to do: Increase your activity. Make it a priority to walk at least 30 minutes a dy for most days of the week.

4. Women Have Less Muscle And More Fat Than Men

Women’s bodies are built differently from men’s - they have more fat and less muscle. This means that women tend to have lower resting metabolic rates compared to men and so burn fewer calories with the same amount of exercise. In addition, women’s bodies tend to hold onto fat stores better.

What to do: Avoid low-calorie diets that will put you into starvation mode and make it harder for your body to burn calories and lose weight. Eat smaller meals throughout the day so your metabolism stays fired up and focus on strength training to help you keep and develop the muscle you have.

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