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Shayne Jensen is a lifelong athlete and focused fitness professional. His energy and passion for the success of his Calgary personal training clients is immediately evident upon meeting him.

A student of personal development and self-mastery, Shayne challenges those around him to become better. He inspires and motivates his team and clients to achieve higher levels of growth and development.  

Shayne Jensen founded Jensen Fitness in 2013 in an ongoing effort to share his passion for health and fitness with those around him. This went beyond simply providing his personal training expertise to Calgarians.

Shayne wanted to create a supportive community that embraces positive values and encouragement. This is because he believes that overall wellness stems from physical mastery and continued personal development, and he is constantly encouraging those around him to become better versions of themselves through consistent and never-ending improvement.

Shayne leads by example and has been a daily exerciser for most of his adult life.  He loves to set big goals and find ways to accomplish them.

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