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Bridal Bootcamp

As the big day approaches, every bride has a million things to deal with, but one thing that is always top-of mind is ensuring you look healthy and radiant at your wedding. 

Our comprehensive, personalized services cover every aspect of fitness and weight loss, and our bridal weight loss and fitness programs are no exception. Our team of trainers, (led by married couple Shayne and Christine), know from experience how hectic weddings can be! We offer everything the busy bride-to-be needs when it comes to wedding weight loss, and looking great not only in their wedding dress but long afterwards.

With Jensen Fitness’s Wedding training packages you get:

Whatever your individual goals, we will work around your wedding plans to help you get in the best shape of your life for your big day! 

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Personal Training Packages For Pre-Wedding Weight Loss

Looking to lose weight for your wedding but don’t know where to start? Nothing takes the stress off busy brides like having the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer.

A wedding fitness and weight loss package can:

  • Help you lose fat without yo-yo-ing or weight rebounds.
  • Help you gain muscle and strength (and will also help your arms and back look fabulous in a wedding dress, trust us!)
  • Teach you healthy, sustainable eating and hydration habits to give you that healthy glow.
  • Help you de-stress, which is a must when wedding planning is in full swing!
  • Improve your balance and posture, making for an elegant walk down the aisle!
  • Boost your confidence.


Individual And Group Training Options

In addition to creating a program based on your specific requirements, our program options offer even more flexibility. Whether you want to train on your own, with your amazing bridesmaids, or with your future partner, Jensen Fitness has got you covered!

1. Bride Personal Training 

Our Bridal Personal Training Package will transform your body and mind! It includes a tailored training and nutrition plan to suit your individual goals, time restraints, and lifestyle. 

Not only will you work one-on-one with a personal trainer to lose weight for your wedding, but we’ll also teach you how to stay looking and feeling healthy after the big day!

2. Bridal Party Bootcamp

Jump-start your fitness and weight loss goals with your entire bridal party! There is no greater way to create lasting memories than to shed pounds and tone up with all of your nearest and dearest friends. Training with your friends creates a supportive atmosphere that makes it easy to keep each other motivated, accountable, and energized.

3. Couple’s Wedding Workout

Many couples like to train in pairs in preparation for their big day. It is a great way to bond with your partner and de-stress and, we believe, much more fun than wedding planning! 

Whatever your preferences, our personal trainers will help you work towards your goals by blending elements of cardio, core and resistance training to help you get healthy and lose weight for your wedding in the most time-efficient way. 

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Get a Healthy Wedding Glow With Our Custom Nutrition Plans

Of course, we all know that exercise is only half of the equation that will have the bride (and/or groom!) feeling fit and photo-ready on their special day. That’s why we offer nutrition support that fuels your workouts as well as help you look lean and toned in your wedding gown. 

Our Bridal Nutrition Package is a customized meal plan that will completely transform your health and physique! 

  • Speed up your metabolism 
  • Hydrate your skin 
  • Flatten your belly


What is Included in the Bridal Nutrition Program? 

Our Bridal Wellness Package is a customized nutrition and lifestyle coaching program that turns busy brides into glowing, healthy bombshells without any crash or starvation wedding diets or deprivation. 

It includes

  • A private consultation
  • A structured dietary plan 
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • A personalized grocery shopping list 
  • 24/7 motivation support 

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Say Goodbye to Harsh Wedding Diets and Hello to a Healthy, Fresh Lifestyle! 

At Jensen Fitness, we never rely on, or advocate for, the use of quick fixes like extreme or fad wedding diets! More often than not, these methods cause:

  • Low energy
  • Dull skin
  • Weight rebound
  • Serious health issues

In addition to being terribly unhealthy, these wedding weight loss methods do not provide the vibrant, glowing look most brides want on their fairytale day!

Our bridal bootcamps and wedding weight loss packages are designed by experts with years of experience in the fitness industry. You will feel increasingly fit and energized as your wedding date draws near, and can achieve stunning results that you can maintain post-wedding. If you’ve tried too-good-to-be true fads in the past, it might be time to give our team a call!


Transform Your Body & Your Life! 

To find out more about how our bridal fitness and nutrition programs can help get you into shape quickly and safely in time for your wedding, contact our Calgary personal trainers today at 403-200-0199.


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