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Your Two Best Weight Loss Allies: An Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Losing weight can be difficult when you're trying to do it on your own. But when you have the proper support system and guidance, results will take care of themself. Here's how using an online personal trainer combined with a nutrition coach will help you lose the weight you want to shed.

There's a reason sports teams all have coaches. Despite being world-class athletes, those who populate the professional ranks still require guidance, instruction, and strategy in order to be successful.

This analogy works well when applied to the ever-evolving world of weight loss. While fad diets and trends are sure to come and go, there will never be any substitute for the results good personal trainers and nutrition coaches can provide. Much like you won't see your favourite NHL team taking the ice without their bench boss anytime soon, you shouldn't expect rapid and sustainable weight loss without hiring some experts to help you along the way.

By utilizing an online personal trainer and nutrition coach to help with your weight loss, you can expect to experience:

  • Rapid results
  • Expert exercise guidance
  • Detailed workouts
  • Professional nutrition plans 
  • Moral support
  • Increased accountability
  • Reduced risk of being exposed to COVID-19

Jensen Fitness Has You Covered

Looking for online personal training in Calgary? Jensen Fitness has some of the best personal trainers in the city and provides tailored, goal-specific programs that help our clients achieve incredible, safe, and sustainable results. For more information on how we can help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals in a COVID-19 safe way, contact us today

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Your Two Best Weight Loss Allies: An Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

If you've been struggling to lose weight but haven't enlisted the services of a personal trainer and nutrition coach, then you've been missing a big piece of the weight loss puzzle. Given the times we're living in, online personal training is proving itself to be a viable fitness alternative by helping those who are worried about contracting the novel coronavirus remain in shape without ever having to leave the safety of their home. Luckily, online nutrition coaching is also now a thing as dietitians and nutrition experts turn to the digital sphere to provide their services. 

By combining both of these digital experts to your weight loss regimen, you can finally expect to see the results you've been after for so long.

How Online and Virtual Personal Training Differ

Online Personal Training: The Physical Aspect

Online personal trainers now fill up a sizeable chunk of the internet. While choice is good, it can also be overwhelming. When COVID-19 first struck our shores, many personal trainers shifted their services to the online realm. This has led to a proliferation of bad advice and programs populating the web.

While there are certainly many free online workout programs for you to choose from now, we advise against them. They lack the personalization and commitment from the trainers you will receive when you sign up and pay for an online personal training program. Some online programs and trainers also specialize in weight loss, which is exactly what you should be looking for when losing weight is your primary goal. 

Really great online personal trainers that focus primarily on helping their clients lose weight will have a few things in common. They are:

  • Detailed workout plans aimed at maximizing weight loss
  • Specific workouts that target stubborn to lose fat
  • Regular check-ins to assess your progress and correct any issues that arise
  • Available for additional support as needed

While some free online personal training programs might do a good job at the first two items on that list, it's the third and fourth ones that are truly most important when you're trying to lose weight. If you start to get off course or run into any challenges with your workouts and exercises, who's going to be there to hold you accountable or provide the guidance you need to overcome your obstacles?

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Online Nutrition Coaching: The Food and Mental Aspect

So much of what we do in the gym (or our homes now, thanks to COVID) is dependant on what we put into our bodies. If you're working out religiously but still eating the wrong foods, you won't see the weight loss results you're hoping for. All of us know this, but it can be tough making those lifelong dietary changes without an expert guiding us through them and in our corner every step of the way. 

Online nutrition coaches who focus on weight loss can put together the right meals to give you enough energy to execute your workouts while not exceeding your targeted caloric intake for losing weight. Almost as important as that, nutrition coaches will also provide you with the mental strength and tools you need to change your poor eating habits for good. They'll help you institute lifestyle changes that are sustainable and will be there during your darkest moments to provide the support you need. They'll also be your biggest cheerleader when things start going right and you finally see the number on the scale you've been dreaming of.

A Potent One-Two Punch

By combining the services of an online personal trainer with a nutrition coach, you'll have all the support and guidance you need to finally accomplish your weight loss goals. At Jensen Fitness, our online personal trainers are also expert nutrition coaches, allowing you to receive all the benefits of both in less time and for less money. If you would like to know more about our online personal training and nutrition coaching services in Calgary, contact us today.

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