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Why You Hit a Weight-Loss Plateau and How to Fix It

Have you hit a weight-loss plateau recently? Not sure why this sort of cruel thing is happening after your continued hard work and healthy eating? There's a scientific reason behind weight-loss plateaus and ways to overcome them. Read on to find out more. 

Hitting a weight-loss plateau can be one of the most frustrating things to ever come across during your weight-loss journey. Even though you're putting the work in and eating right, the pounds are stubbornly staying put (or worse yet, increasing). While it may seem like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome, weight-loss plateaus can be beaten. Check out this week's article to find out how. 

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What is a weight-loss plateau and why does it happen? 

Our bodies are stubborn creatures and they've been conditioned to fight against starvation for centuries. Because of this, weight-loss plateaus are relatively common. When we begin to reduce the amount of calories we consume in a bid to lose weight, our body sees it as a threat against its survival and responds by making us more hungry. Then once we begin to successfully lose weight, our body once again fights against this perceived threat to it by lowering our metabolic rate. This lowered metabolic rate means we burn calories at a reduced rate. Basically, any time we are successful in losing weight our body fights back due to evolutionary forces. But there is a way to break past this annoying holdover from our ancestors. Here's three ways to do so. 

1. Lower the amount of carbs you consume

Reducing the amount of carbs you consume could be the key to pushing past your weight-loss plateau. A low-carb diet has been found to be extremely conducive to losing weight, so if your current diet is still relatively rich in carbohydrates then you may want to reassess and cut some out. 

2. Slightly boost the amount of protein you consume

You certainly don't want to increase your protein intake by a substantial amount if you're looking to lose weight. But by slightly increasing the amount of protein you consume, you'll nudge that stubborn metabolic rate in the right direction more than if you were to boost your carb or fat consumption. The added benefit of increasing your protein intake slightly is that you will feel more full from these foods and in a quicker period of time. Be sure not to overdo it though. You only need about one or two extra servings per day to see the desired metabolic effect. 

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3. Increase the intensity of your workouts

We all know the famous saying that states doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. While we're extremely hesitant to call anyone insane, the quote does serve to emphasize a good point. If you've fallen into a predictable routine with your workouts, then your body is conditioned to get through them while expending the least amount of calories. Because it doesn't want to starve. But if you start throwing some high intensity interval training exercises within your workouts, then your body won't know what to do and will burn more calories trying to figure things out. 

While hitting a weight-loss plateau can be extremely frustrating, it's important to know that it's almost inevitable if you progress on your weight-loss journey long enough. Our bodies are just built that way. But if you can outsmart the centuries of evolution fighting against you and your weight-loss goals by switching things up, then you'll break past the barrier and start seeing the results you desire.

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