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Tips From Your Online Personal Trainer: Fall Fitness

Tips From Your Online Personal Trainer: Fall Fitness

It’s easy enough to get out in the summer when the sun is shining, but fall is slowly sneaking up on us. Soon, the days will get shorter and it will become difficult for many people to stay in the fitness routines they’ve developed throughout the summer either due to crazy schedules or a lack of energy. Keep your motivation going even as the days get shorter and the air gets crisper by following the tips of an online personal trainer. These experts know all of the pointers and advice to help keep you motivated and can work with you to figure out what workout solutions will help you stay on your fitness journey even as the weather turns.

Fall Fitness: What Your Online Personal Trainer Wants You To Know

Get Outside
Even when summer comes to a close, it’s not too cold quite yet. Continue to go outside for all of the running, hiking, and biking you were doing in summer, but now add some layers so you’re ready for some chilly air. Getting outside is great for your body and mind so try to do it as much as possible before the ground becomes slippery with snow and ice. Some people actually prefer going outside for workouts in the fall, as the summer can be too hot and can cause a sense of fatigue. Whereas summer is a good time for an early morning outdoor workout before it gets too hot outside, fall is a great opportunity for a post-work run in the afternoon or early evening.

Go To A Gym
As the air cools down, you always have the option of taking your workout inside. Gyms offer a stable environment year-round, as well as advanced equipment and personal trainers. If going to the gym seems monotonous or if you struggle to know where to start, join a group class, hire a personal trainer, or make it a goal to spend the same amount of time on each machine so you can find your favourites.

Bring The Gym To You
As summer fun winds down, fall might mean a busy schedule once again. The kids are back in their afterschool activities and they need to be driven around, you’re preparing for major family holidays, maybe you’re a teacher who’s gone back to work. Whatever the case may be, it’s relatively common for schedules to fill up starting in the fall. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, schedule sessions with an online personal trainer. This gives you an opportunity to squeeze in a workout at home while keeping your motivation levels up. Your online personal trainer will work with you to find times that work with your hectic schedule and they will customize a workout plan that will help you reach your specific goals.

Try Something New At Home
If you don’t have much time to go to the gym or if you’re not interested in going out as much as it gets colder and darker outside, keep your home workouts interesting. There are lots of inexpensive forms of equipment you can get for your home, including yoga mats, resistance bands, dumbbells, jump ropes (or weighted jump ropes if you’re looking for a challenge), medicine balls, and more. If you’re looking for a way to make your home workouts more engaging, ask your online personal trainer what at-home equipment is best for your goals and can be incorporated into your workouts.

Online Personal Trainers In Calgary

If you want to keep your summer workout motivation going into the fall, hire an online personal trainer to keep you motivated. Even as the sun starts going down early and it gets too cold for early morning runs, your online personal trainer can help you stay active. Don’t let sweater weather slow you down; stay active all year long with motivation and fitness advice from a professional.

At Jensen Fitness, our personal training, fitness coaching, and weight loss programs will provide you with all of the support you need to achieve your personal goals while helping you sustain your new healthy habits for the long term. To start your weight loss or fitness journey, contact our team of personal trainers in SE Calgary by calling 1-403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.



Q: How do I find the right online personal trainer for me?
A: It might seem difficult to find the right online personal trainer since you won’t actually be in person with one another, but you will still be interacting with them via video chat and receiving training and motivation from them. Make sure your personalities work well together by knowing What To Look For In An Online Personal Trainer

Q: Can I ask my personal trainer to do our workouts outside?
A: If you prefer working out outside, let your personal trainer know! Your trainer wants to make your workout sessions as enjoyable as possible so you can feel excited about exercising. Keep in mind that you will need a stable internet connection if you are doing online personal training.

Q: I want to start exercising to build strength after an injury. Can a personal trainer help me with this?
A: Yes, an in-person or online personal trainer will help make sure you are not overexerting yourself or doing any exercises that worsen your injury. However, before you start your personal training, you should consult with your doctor as well as give your personal trainer a detailed explanation of the type of injury you have, the severity of the injury, and how far along you are in the healing process. Personal trainers are qualified to help you achieve your fitness goals but not to give medical advice.



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