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The Top Three Benefits of Using an Online Trainer

Are you considering hiring an online personal trainer? Not sure if it's the right fit for you though? Read on to find out what the main benefits of hiring one are and who can benefit the most from enlisting their service. 

If COVID-19 has thrown your workout routine completely out of whack, maybe you're considering signing up for an online personal trainer now that most gyms are closed for the foreseeable future. In an effort to make your decision easier, we've compiled the three biggest benefits an online personal trainer has to offer. 

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1. Flexibility

The biggest benefit online personal training provides is its flexibility. The workouts can be designed to be completed at home or outside, which is perfect for the situation we find ourselves in due to COVID-19, where making it to the gym isn't possible. You're also in charge of when you workout, allowing you to fit your fitness routine in best as you see fit. That means if you only have 20 minutes to workout for the day, you can easily fit it into your hectic schedule. 

2. Cost

Another major benefit of hiring an online personal trainer is its relative affordability compared to hiring an in-person personal trainer. With in-person sessions ranging anywhere between $50 to $100 per hour, signing up for an online personal trainer can be a cost-effective way for you to get a tailored and customized workout specific to your unique needs. 

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3. Expertise

Not all gyms have the exact type of trainer you need to reach your unique fitness goals. By opening yourself up to the world of virtual personal training or an online personal trainer, you open yourself up to nearly unlimited expertise. No longer are you restricted to the trainers located just in your city, you've got access to top-notch ones across the globe. By curating your virtual personal training Calgary, you can pick the perfect trainer to help you achieve your goals. 

What's the Difference Between an Online and Virtual Personal Trainer?

The main difference between an online and virtual personal trainer is the delivery of the training. Online personal trainers create customized workout routines which are prerecorded and able to be completed whenever you choose, whereas a virtual personal trainer delivers the workout in real time via a video conferencing application like Skype or Zoom. For more information on how the two differ, and what type of person benefits the most from each type, be sure to follow the link below and read our article on the topic.


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