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The Top Key Traits All the Best Personal Trainers Possess

Are you on the hunt for a personal trainer who will help you achieve your fitness or weight loss goals? Here are the top key traits that all the best ones possess, so you know what to look for when making your decision.

Choosing the right personal trainer for your fitness or weight loss goals is no easy task. With many to choose from, it's important to know what the best ones consistently bring to the table. This will help you better evaluate the personal trainers and give you a better idea of what you should be looking for when making your decision.

So without further ado, here are the top key traits all the best personal trainers possess and therefore what you should be looking for in one, courtesy of our top personal trainers in Calgary.

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The Top Key Traits All the Best Personal Trainers Possess

No matter the discipline, those who excel at what they do generally possess a few shared traits which help separate them from the rest of the competition. Personal trainers are no exception. The best ones tend to have the following characteristics, which allow them to be so successful in helping their clients reach their fitness or weight loss goals.

They're hyperfocused on your goals

The best personal trainers take the time to learn what it is their clients truly want to accomplish and leave their projections or ego at the door. It makes no sense for a busy mom who is looking to lose weight to do endless strength training.

Top personal trainers know this and will tailor their programs to help their clients achieve their fitness goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

They get down and do the exercises with you

No one wants to be on the receiving end of do as I say, not as I do. That's why the best male and female personal trainers will actually get down on the ground and do some of your exercises with you. This helps clients see the exact form they should be striving for and helps build a closer bond between trainer and trainee.

They're human

Excellent personal fitness trainers are relatable to their clients and let them into their lives by revealing their guilty pleasures or weaknesses. Everyone has them, and by opening up to their clients in this way, personal trainers are able to break down the perception that they're perfect or always eat right.

This lets you as a client know that the occasional bad snack or indulgence is ok, so long as you're mostly making healthy decisions outside the gym. It also fosters more openness between you two.

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They want to know more about you

Instead of always having one-way conversations where the trainer is dictating or lecturing you, really good personal trainers will ask lots of questions about you and your life so they can get to know you better and understand why you make the decisions you do.

This is especially useful when a client is looking to lose weight, as it will allow the trainer to start a dialogue about why you might be prone to making poor eating decisions. Then they can provide advice on how you can make better ones in the future.

They know what they're talking about and have the certifications to back it up

Obviously, you don't become a top personal trainer without having extensive knowledge about physical fitness, function, and human anatomy. But the best personal trainers will also be able to communicate what they know in a way that's easy to understand so their clients can retain the information for future use.

Certifications and credentials are also compulsory. You want to make sure the knowledge and advice they're giving is rooted in sound science and that the trainer has demonstrated their proficiency in both, to an organization that oversees such things.

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They make training fun

By having all the above traits and characteristics, the best male and female personal trainers out there make training with them fun. Which will make you more committed and inclined to keep up with your training program, and in turn, achieve your fitness or weight loss goals.

That's the true secret to their success.

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