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How Virtual Personal Training Can Keep You Healthy and Change Your Life Forever

Are you wondering how you'll stay healthy this winter as COVID-19 cases continue to rise rapidly across Canada, and health officials recommend we stay home as much as possible again? Then we've got three words for you. Virtual. Personal. Training. 

COVID-19 continues to change how we live our lives on a daily basis. While there was a glimmer of hope recently as Pfizer announced the success of their vaccine in clinical trials, it's still going to be a little while before one is readily available.

In the meantime, we need to stay as healthy as we can. With people understandably wary of heading to their favourite gym in Calgary and beyond due to the high case numbers, a high-tech alternative is gaining steam. It's called virtual personal training. And it can help keep you healthy and change your life forever.


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What Is Virtual Personal Training?

Not to be confused with online personal training, virtual personal training happens in real-time from the comfort and safety of your own home using video conferencing. Just like you would have a personal training session at the gym, albeit without having to go anywhere. You and your virtual personal trainer will set up times where you're both available to work out, with sessions typically lasting between 60-90 minutes. 

Most virtual personal trainers excel at building and guiding clients through bodyweight or band exercises, negating the need for you to go out and spend a lot of money on equipment. The superb virtual personal trainers — like the ones at Jensen Fitness — also include customized nutrition plans as part of their programs to help maximize their clients' workouts and results.

How to Pick the Right Virtual Personal Trainer for You

How Virtual Personal Training Will Keep You Healthy and Change Your Life Forever

An experienced virtual personal trainer will assess your fitness or weight loss goals before starting the program so they can better address your needs. This allows them to select targeted exercises that will either help you lose weight, shed inches off your waistline, increase your fitness level, or better prepare you for specific events such as a marathon or bodybuilding competition. 

After assessing your goals and coming up with a tailored plan to achieve them, your virtual personal trainer will help keep you healthy and change your life forever in the following main ways:

Exercise: This is an easy and obvious one, but we didn't want to leave it off the list! Regular exercise is extremely important to both improving and maintaining your overall physical and mental health.

Accountability: Unlike online personal training, where if you miss a workout, no one will notice, virtual personal training helps keep you accountable for your actions both emotionally and monetarily. You won't want to miss a workout because your virtual personal trainer and bank account won't be happy.

Nutrition plans: Good virtual personal training programs feature customized nutrition plans that help you maximize your workouts and achieve quicker results. These nutrition plans can also be used once your program wraps up, allowing you to implement these healthy changes into your daily routine for the remainder of your life.

Lifestyle changes: By improving your exercise and nutrition habits through virtual personal training, you'll now have the tools to change your life for the better forever. With your newfound knowledge and workout routine, you'll now know what you need to do to remain healthy for the rest of your life.

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