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Give the Gift of Health This Father's Day

Are you looking for the perfect gift for father’s day? Why not give your dad the gift of health by purchasing him some one-on-one fitness training with our Calgary personal trainer?

As our metabolism slows down with age, maintaining a healthy weight and a good fitness level can be a challenge. However, as we grow older, an active lifestyle becomes more important than ever to our health and regular exercise will help:

  • Boost energy levels
  • Seniors maintain their independence
  • Lower the risk of heart disease
  • Manage symptoms of pain or disease
  • Enhance mood and memory

While it’s true that regular exercise and one on one fitness training can help seniors add extra years to your life, it is also about adding life to your years. Not only do individuals look better when they exercise, but they also feel sharper, more energetic, and experience a greater sense of well being.


One on One Fitness Training in Calgary

At Jensen Fitness, we are passionate about helping our clients stay active and energetic, no matter their age. This Father's day, why not give your dad the gift of health and well-being by purchasing him a one on one fitness training program with one of our qualified personal trainers.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Gifting Your Father One on One Fitness Training

With Father’s Day coming up, you are probably thinking about a thoughtful and unique gift for your father. Investing in one on one fitness training for him is a great idea because it will give him the motivation, support, and knowledge he needs to enhance his health and quality of life.

However, this is a multifaceted gift and there are certain things you must consider first, including:


1. What Does Your Dad Want to Achieve?

Maybe you don’t know exactly what your father’s goals are, and you can’t ask him because you want it to be a surprise, but you should have a general idea of what he would want to achieve when working out with a trainer. Some of the things to think about include:

  • Does he want to transform his body? If so, talk to the trainer about creating a program that will help him shed pounds and gain muscle.
  • Does he have any illnesses, such as diabetes, or other injuries? If so, you’ll need to work with a trainer who has experience in corrective exercise and disease management.
  • Does your dad love a challenge? Find a trainer who will push him to run faster, train harder, and push beyond his fitness levels.

By understanding what your father would want out of his personal training sessions, you’re sure to find the right professional who can take your father’s health and fitness to the next level.


2. Where Can Your Dad Fit Training into His Schedule?

No doubt your father is a busy man, so you must consider his schedule when hiring a personal trainer for him. Ask yourself:

  • Is he a morning person?
  • Does he prefer to unwind in the evening with exercise?
  • Does he have to travel for work or deal with last minute emergencies?

Consider Online Training

If your dad does have some scheduling challenges, then you may want to consider online personal training, as this will give him the flexibility and convenience he needs.



3. What Kind of Trainer Would Your Dad Want?

Now that you have considered your father’s goals and his schedule, it’s time to think about what kind of trainer he would want to work with. This is really important because a strong trainer-client connection is crucial for long term results. Ask yourself:

  • Would your dad prefer a male or female trainer?
  • Does he want the trainer to be older, younger, or the same age as himself?
  • Is the trainer someone who could motivate and inspire your father?

Everyone takes a different approach to fitness, and personal trainers are no exception. You have to make sure that the trainer’s personality, fitness philosophy, personal fitness, and attitude should reflect your father’s goals and preferences.


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