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Elements Of A Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan

Elements Of A Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan

When you’re trying to eat better, it can be difficult on your own. You may not know which foods to eat, you may struggle to break out of old habits, or you might find healthy eating boring. A sustainable weight loss plan accounts for all of these factors and creates solutions to incorporate into your everyday life. Using an effective weight loss meal plan created by a nutrition coach helps make healthy eating a regular and enjoyable part of your everyday life so you can lose weight and feel good about your eating habits.

Elements Of Effective Weight Loss Meal Plans

What differentiates a meal plan from a diet is nutrition. The point of a meal plan isn’t to have you eat the same meals every day or heavily restrict what you can eat, it’s to ensure you are eating good foods that are providing all of the nutrition your body needs as fuel. A weight loss meal plan will include a variety of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and all of your nutritional needs while avoiding unhealthy foods such as added salt and sugar, trans fats, and processed foods.

Starvation-based diets are heavily discouraged by health professionals, but altering how much you eat in a safe, controlled way can be beneficial. Many people overeat because they have a hard time gauging when they are actually full or because they are bored. Weight loss meal plans focus on eating as much as your body needs without overeating and training you to break unhealthy eating habits, including unnecessary snacking. Weight loss meal plans can also help you better understand what proportions you should be eating.

Some people struggle to eat well because they don’t know how to cook tasty, healthy meals. If you never learned how to cook and rely on pre-made, processed foods, you can’t be expected to alter your eating habits on your own. By using recipes that let you cook healthy and filling food from scratch, you can start eating well every day. A good weight loss meal plan will ensure that meals are varied and flavourful so that you don’t get bored. A variety of seasonal superfoods can be incorporated into your meal plan and you should let your nutrition coach know of any dietary restrictions or preferences to help you enjoy what you eat and stick to the weight loss meal plan. To help encourage at-home cooking, your nutrition coach may also recommend steps to make day-to-day cooking simple, such as meal prepping ahead of time.

Progress Tracking
When you partner with a nutrition coach, you have another person who can help you track your progress. This might mean regularly monitoring your weight or your measurements, but they may also suggest other forms of measurement. For example, your nutrition coach may help you set goals as a part of your weight loss meal plan, such as avoiding a certain guilty pleasure food after difficult workdays or not snacking during movie nights. Measuring your progress by tracking healthy behaviour can help people develop healthy habits that translate into weight loss.

Start Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

If you have tried to lose weight on your own and struggled, it is time to begin a professional weight loss program complete with a weight loss meal plan. By partnering with a weight loss coach or personal trainer, you can receive all of the benefits of a personalized weight loss program and you can start your journey to greater fitness and self-satisfaction.

At Jensen Fitness, our personal training, fitness coaching, and weight loss programs will provide you with all of the support you need to achieve your personal goals while helping you sustain your new healthy habits for the long term and improve your overall health. To start your weight loss or fitness journey, contact our team of personal trainers in SE Calgary by calling 1-403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


You will need to incorporate regular exercise and healthy eating habits to see faster and more optimal results.


Before you embark on your weight loss program journey, we will first do an initial consultation to learn your personal goals, current fitness levels, and any limitations. We will then create a customized plan complete with tailored meal plans, workout schedules, check-ins, and training to keep you accountable.

A nutrition coach will create meal plans specific to your body and goals while holding you accountable for sticking with your healthy eating plan. They will help to teach you what foods are healthy and what foods to avoid, and how you can learn to enjoy healthy food. To learn more, read 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Nutrition Coach.


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