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8 Tips To Spring-Clean Your Fitness Routine!

Starting to spring clean your house? Maybe spring clean your workout routine! Here are eight ways to improve your workout routine this spring!

Ah, springtime, you are finally here! After what has felt like one of the longest winters ever, the warmth and comfort of springtime is a sight to behold. However, let's not take too much time to bask in all of its glory; spring is the perfect season to revitalize that stale workout routine!

No matter what your goals are, whether it's to gain muscle mass, lose a few pounds, or get your body ready for beach and swimsuit season, refreshing your workout routine is one of the best ways to get yourself back on track and ready to smash through those goals!

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8 Ways You Can Revitalize Your Workout Routine With Some Spring Cleaning

1. Get Outside

Since we are talking about spring, an obvious point we will raise is the warm weather and the importance of getting outside. The good weather, pleasant smells, and overall vibe of being outdoors have been shown to boost mood and motivation! Take advantage when the weather is nice and get your workout in outside; you will definitely be thankful that you did!

2. Try Some New Fitness Classes or Bootcamps

Now that some restrictions from the pandemic are starting to be lifted, fitness classes and bootcamps may be allowed sooner than you may think! Once the opportunity arises, a new class or Bootcamp are excellent ways to get in shape while having fun with friends and peers!

3. Intramural Sports Can Be Fun

Sporting activities, no matter what you are into, are one of the best ways to stay in shape! They are fun, will get your competitive juices flowing, and will activate your muscles in ways that they normally aren’t. Maybe you want to rekindle the sport you used to play, back in the day, or get back to the team you used to play with before COVID happened. Regardless, intramural sports are a fun way to get fit.

4. Find a Workout Buddy

We totally get it, lots of us just want to work out by ourselves! I mean, when else do we get the chance to listen to our favourite podcasts, jam to some favourite tunes, or think with our own thoughts. However, I am sure that due to the pandemic, we have all been avoiding seeing some of our closest friends. Now that the weather is getting warm and restrictions are getting lifted, a workout buddy can be a great way to see friends, act as a motivating factor, and provide accountability to each other!

5. New Season Means New Tunes

Speaking of jamming out to some of our favourite tunes, why not try some new tunes out during your next workout? Some of us get so ingrained with our current workout playlist that is full of our favourite songs that we can miss out on so much great music! Music is scientifically proven to be a way that provides motivation and mood booster! If your playlist is getting stale, mix it up and try some new music to spice things up!

6. Evaluate Your Diet

As you go through a revamp and spring cleaning of your workout routine, don’t leave your diet by the wayside. The way you fuel your body has an incredibly substantial impact on how your body works and moves. Take some time to evaluate what you put in your body and if you are willing to make any changes to fuel yourself better.

Drastic dieting and nutrition overhauls are not necessary a lot of the time. Sometimes, some simple things such as watching your sugar intake, closing the kitchen past 9:00, or eating more protein might be just what you need to reach your fitness goals!

7. Mix Up The Location and Time

As great as routines are, they can sometimes become a bore and restrict us from reaching our goals. If you always work out at the same location in the evenings every second day, maybe explore some different days, times, and locations! If you work a 9-5, maybe give a lunchtime workout a shot, or if you want to be an early bird, a morning workout is a great way to start the day full of energy!

8. Give a Personal Trainer a Shot

If you are trying to reach and exceed your fitness goals this spring, the best way to do so is to utilize a fitness expert! Qualified, highly experienced personal trainers, such as the ones at Jensen Fitness, will do wonders for your health and fitness. Not only will fitness trainers help you work out more effectively, but they will make sure that your goals are SMART and that everything possible is being done so you can reach them!

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How often should you change your workout routine?

You should really be changing your routine whenever you feel that you are slipping out of it. This tends to happen after a few months (2-6) of the start of a routine. If you want to change your fitness routine, springtime is the perfect time to do so!

Is it bad to continue the same routine?

Not at all! If your routine is successfully helping you reach your goals, there is no need to change it! However, if you are not getting the results you are hoping for, a change may be just what you need to get over your fitness plateau!

Is it healthy to workout every day?

The answer to this question depends on various factors. Still, broadly speaking, yes, it is okay to workout every day, so long as the exercises are not incredibly intense and taxing to your body. If you are doing intense, tough workouts, a day or two of rest per week can be quite beneficial to your health and motivation, and progress.


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