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8 Of Our Favourite Tips to Get Your Body Ready For The Beach!

Does the imminence of warm weather have you wanting to start prepping your body for swimsuit season? Here are 8 of our top tips to help you reach your fitness goals before beach season arrives!

It’s official, later on, this month, spring will officially have sprung, meaning summer is right around the corner. If you are thinking that this is the year to get your body ready for the beach, now is the perfect time to start so you can look your best once the weather gets warm.

Although the weather is not quite warm enough for the beach yet, the slight inkling of warmth might make you start to think about getting your body ready for summer! Here are 8 tips you can follow to get your body summer-ready.

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8 Tips To Get The Perfect Beach Body!

While it may seem like beach season is months away, the truth is that it is right around the corner! We are officially in mid-march, meaning that the optimal beach weather is likely no more than a month and a half away! If you want that sleek beach-bod ready for the first spring day above 20 degrees, it may take some time to work off the Covid weight! However, by starting early enough and following the tips that follow, you will be well on your way to looking and feeling phenomenal under the sun.

1. Try Some HIIT

For many years, science has known that the best method of exercising to burn fat and lose weight is high-intensity interval training. This exercise method is a type of conditioning workout that alternates between short, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short bursts of recovery. The key is to really give it all you’ve got for 30 minutes of HIIT and then taking time to relax and recover immediately afterwards. Through a HIIT regime, you will have a greater likelihood of achieving your desired results quicker!

2. Drink Water, Avoid Alcohol

We know you’ve likely heard this before, but it truly bears repeating! Drinking water and avoiding fluids that negatively affect your health is one of the best ways you can slim your gut and get that toned stomach you may be after.

Additionally, many studies have been completed over the past year, showing that Canadians have substantially increased their alcohol consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we aren’t saying to cut out all alcoholic drinks, maybe opt for a tall glass of lemon water instead of a glass of wine with dinner.

3. Increase Activity Aside From Working Out

No matter how many times a week you workout, the majority of your time is spent doing non-exercise things. It is during these times away from the gym where you can set yourself up for success. Simple things such as standing while at your job, taking the stairs more often, and walking for relaxation rather than Netflix can all go a long way to getting that beach body ready!

4. Monitor Your Food Intake

Although this article will not go into deep detail about how and what you should be eating, (this is covered more in-depth in many of our other articles) it is worth mentioning due to the role nutrition plays in shaping your figure. Some tips to follow when it comes to your diet include:

  • Avoid snacking
  • Stick to lean proteins
  • Lower your caloric intake
  • Avoid buying tempting foods
  • Have a kitchen cutoff time

5. Get Your Sleep!

Adequate sleep is one of the most essential elements of our physical and mental health, both of which are incredibly related to weight loss. Many studies have shown the incredible impact sleep has on many different aspects of our lives, such as:

  • Stress levels
  • Mood
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle recovery
  • Diet and cravings

6. Focus Your Workouts Accordingly

If you are looking to lose weight for beach season, you should make sure that the workouts you are completing are optimized to help you achieve your goals! Following an Olympic weightlifter's exercise routine might not be the strategy you need to look great in a swimsuit. More likely you will want to focus on exercises that focus on your core, hips, and glutes.

7. Personal Trainers Are Here To Help!

If you need some help finding those exercises optimized for achieving your beach body, a personal trainer is precisely the person who can help! Many personal trainers (especially the ones at Jensen Fitness) have the training and experience to help you find the right workout plan for you so you can meet your fitness goals in time for the summer!

8. Have Patience

The reality is that getting a beach body does not just happen overnight. It takes time, energy, persistence, and above all else, patience before you will start to achieve results. However, if you set up a diet, workout plan, and personal training that are all catered to reaching your beach-body goals, you may just be surprised at how quickly you can start to see results!


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How long will it take to get in shape for the summer?

An exact answer to this depends on too many factors to provide an accurate estimate for all. However, depending on your current physical condition, motivation, and a variety of other factors, you can get the perfect body in as little as 4-6 weeks.

I’m working out, but I can’t seem to get consistent results. What can I do?

If you find yourself following a consistent workout routine, eating healthy, and taking care of your body, but are just not seeing the results you are looking for, you may be at a weight loss plateau. Check out our article on 4 Tips To Getting Past A Weight Loss Plateau.

How much time should I spend exercising per day?

Depending on the type of workouts you are completing, anytime between 20 minutes for high-intensity training to a couple of hours for more casual workouts is recommended.


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