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5 Weight Loss Myths To Watch Out For

5 Weight Loss Myths To Watch Out For

When you Google “weight loss tips and tricks,”, millions of search results will pop up with advice on how to lose weight quickly. Most of these articles are not proven and contain false or unhealthy weight loss advice. It can be hard to determine what is fact or fiction and whose advice you should follow. Many social media influencers will inspire their followers by talking about their weight loss journey when in reality their transformation was achieved by plastic surgery. Do not buy into these misconceptions or you may not see the same progress on your own journey, setting you back from achieving your weight loss goals. This article will discuss the top myths about weight loss and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Try Not To Eat

Starving yourself is one of the most unhealthy ways you can lose weight. It is unsustainable and you are depriving your body of the nutrition it needs to function properly and give you energy. When your body is low on energy, it will crave high-sugar food items, therefore leading you back to eating unhealthy food options when you do allow yourself to eat again. If you achieve your desired weight through starvation and then begin eating your old diet again, you will quickly gain that weight back. Starvation can also lead to eating disorders that can eventually cause even more harmful effects on your body.

Myth #2: Carbs Make You Fat

Yes, eating cake or a box of Kraft Dinner all to yourself will cause weight gain. However, there are healthy carbohydrate-rich foods such as vegetables that your body needs in order to have energy.  Fruits and whole grains also provide the essential carbohydrate nutrients your body needs. You just have to educate yourself and understand what the difference is between a healthy carb and an unhealthy carb.

Myth #3: Some Foods Can Speed Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism describes all of the chemical processes that continuously occur inside your body to keep your organs functioning normally to keep you alive. This includes breathing, digesting your food, and repairing cells. These processes require energy, and the amount of energy required depends on your age, weight, and genetics. Some people claim that certain foods can increase your metabolism by helping the body burn more calories to aid in weight loss. However, there is very little scientific evidence that supports this idea. 

Myth #4: Cutting Out Snacks Will Help You Lose Weight

The problem is not snacking, it is the type of snacks you are eating. Many people need a snack in between meals to keep their energy levels up, especially those who live an active lifestyle. Instead of reaching for chips or candy as a snack, change it up with fruits and veggies or a serving of nuts. 

Myth #5: Drinking Water Will Help You Lose Weight

Water itself will not cause you to lose weight. Drinking water throughout the day however will help you avoid snacking too much, therefore, reducing the number of calories you consume each day. When your body is telling you that it is thirsty, the signal can be easily mistaken as hunger. By staying hydrated throughout the day, you will feel much fuller allowing you to avoid unnecessary snacking. 

Start Your Weight Loss Journey With Jensen Fitness

The best way to avoid falling for these weight loss myths is by hiring a nutrition coach or weight loss coach. They understand how to accurately lose weight in a healthy manner that is sustainable. A nutritionist or weight loss coach will also be able to design a program specific to your goals and body type so you can have the best chances for success. Do not waste anymore of your time reading bogus weight loss articles on the internet or listening to that famous Instagram influencer. Not every weight loss strategy will work for everyone, and the best way to start your weight loss journey off on the right foot is by consulting a nutrition coach or weight loss coach.

Are you ready for a total body and life transformation? Our team at Jensen Fitness includes personal trainers, weight loss coaches, and nutritional coaches. To find out more about our online personal training and fitness programs and how our highly qualified personal trainers in Calgary can help you achieve incredible, safe, and sustainable results, contact us by calling 403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: Is cardio the only way to lose weight?
A: Cardio is an excellent way to lose weight, however, you will need to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine to see faster, better results. Weight training allows your body to burn more calories while building muscle mass. 

Q: How do I find a personal trainer who can help me with weight loss?
A: Contact Jensen Fitness at 403-200-0199 or fill out our contact form and one of our experienced personal trainers will reach out to you right away!

Q: Can a personal trainer help me with my nutrition?
A: Unless your personal trainer has their nutrition certification, then they can only offer you advice. If you are looking for a more personalized approach, consult a nutrition coach.


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