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5 Ways to Overcome a Weight-Loss Plateau

Have you seemingly run into a brick wall when it comes to your weight loss Calgary? No matter what you do or how hard you try, you just can't seem to shed the pounds anymore? Sounds like you've hit a weight-loss plateau. Here are five easy ways to overcome it. 

You've been hitting the gym (well, maybe not recently because of COVID-19), you've been eating the right foods, yet you aren't losing any more additional pounds. What gives? You, my dear friend, have run into a weight-loss plateau. They're real, they're annoying as heck, but they can be overcome. Read on to find out how. 

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What is a weight-loss plateau?

While we may want to lose weight, our bodies don't. When we reduce the amount of calories we're taking in, our body thinks we're trying to starve ourselves and begins fighting back by making us even more hungry. And when we do end up losing weight, our body reacts by slowing down our metabolic rate, which results in our body burning calories at a correspondingly lower rate. Basically, our bodies fight us tooth and nail when they think we're doing damage to it and frustratingly defends itself. Against our own wishes. But if you still have a ways to go with your weight loss programs Calgary, don't fret. There are ways to overcome your weight-loss plateau. Here are five weight loss plateau solutions to help you through this extremely frustrating time. 


1. Reduce your carb intake

It's been proven that a low-carb diet can be extremely effective when it comes to weight loss Calgary. By reducing how many you take in on a daily basis, you might just give your body the kick in the rear it needs to push past its weight-loss plateau. 


2. Increase your protein intake

Slightly increasing the amount of protein you eat will help your stubborn metabolic rate move in the right direction more than fat or carbs will. It will also make you feel more full, and do so quicker than other nutrients. Just be cautious with how much protein you're adding to your diet. An extra serving or two is about all you need. 

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3. Switch your workout routine up

Our bodies adapt amazingly fast. This is especially true when it comes to our workout routines. If you find yourself struggling to see any changes on the scale, try switching up your workouts. Add some sprints or jumping jacks into your normal jog. Your body won't know what hit it and will work even harder, which leads to more calories burned. 

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4. Avoid the booze

We all know alcohol adds extra calories to our body. But another thing it does is lower our blood sugar, which kick starts our appetite. It also inhibits our body's ability to burn fat. And it lowers our inhibitions, which can lead to binge eating. If you are going to indulge, try to drink during meals which will mitigate the blood sugar crash, and do your best to limit yourself to only two or three drinks a week. 


5. Try to be active away from your workouts

Working out is awesome, but also try to be as active as you can when away from the gym (or in COVID-19 times, your virtual personal trainer). Simply standing up every now and then helps you burn more calories, and increases your metabolic rate. Look for easy things you can do throughout your day to be more active, like taking the stairs or parking further away from where you need to go. 

By following these five tips, you may just break past your frustrating weight-loss plateau and be on your way to your best weight loss Calgary!


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