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5 Tips for Losing Weight Fast Without Dieting

Looking to lose weight but don't want to commit to a restrictive diet? With just a few tweaks and some discipline, you can easily turn your current nutrition plan (or lack thereof) into a weight-loss friendly one. 

It can be tough knowing where to start when it comes to eating healthy and losing weight. Diets can be extremely successful but tough to sustain, causing you to yo-yo back and forth between your ideal weight and being overweight. Instead, try the five tips we've listed below which should help you get the results you're after without having to deal with all the rules a diet brings with it. 

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5 Tips for Losing Weight Fast Without Dieting

Sticking with a diet can be difficult. While some people may be able to gut it out until they reach their goal weight due to the fantastic results they've been seeing, others will inevitably fall short of their expectations and ditch the diet well before they reach their goal. Even those who stick with a diet till the bitter end of their weight loss journey usually revert back to their old habits and pack a good portion of the weight back on because of how restricted their eating was. 

If you're looking for dramatic weight loss results without the above torture or headache, here are five tips that will help you lose the weight in a sustainable and fast manner: 

1. Drink lots of water

We all know we should be drinking more water. That's doubly true if you're looking to lose weight fast without a diet. Drinking more water will keep you hydrated during your workouts and everyday activities, it'll keep you fuller for longer after meals, it'll boost your metabolism, and it'll get rid of harmful toxins. 

2. Eat more protein

You'll have to be careful with this tip as you don't want to overdo it with the protein and end up adding on more weight. But if done properly, eating a bit more protein in the form of lean meats, eggs, and beans will make you feel full for longer and curb cravings. 

3. Reduce your sugar consumption

It can be tough eliminating added sugars from your life given they're found in most of the yummy stuff we like to eat. But if you can reduce how much added sugar you consume on a daily basis, you'll stop it from slowing down your metabolism or causing heart problems. 

4. Increase your fibre intake

Like protein, fibre helps keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to other nutrients. It's also really good for getting rid of cholesterol and keeping things regular down there. 

5. Get stepping

Walking at least 45 minutes every day is a wonderful way to stay in shape and lose weight. While this can be harder during the winter months in Calgary, you can always head to your nearest mall and go for a few laps in the heated concourse. 


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