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5 Simple Grocery Store Swaps to Help You Lose Weight

Looking for an easy and simple way to help with your weight loss Calgary? One of the least difficult things you can do is to make some simple changes when strolling through the aisles of your favourite grocery store. Here are five simple food swaps you can make which can have a huge difference on the effectiveness of your weight loss meal plan Calgary. 

We live in a society tailored towards convenience. Anything we want can be delivered to our doors within days, and anything we want to eat is only a few clicks away. This is especially true when you cruise through the frozen section of your favourite grocery store. Chicken wings, burgers, taquitos, you name it, all you have to do is toss them in the microwave when you get home and you've got a meal in minutes. But these convenient frozen foods come at a cost. Usually they're loaded with sodium or added sugars, even the more 'healthy' options. By making a few of the swaps listed below and choosing whole foods over frozen convenience, you'll be improving the odds of success for your diet for weight loss Calgary. 

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5 Simple Food Swaps to Help with Your Weight Loss Calgary

1. Swap frozen veggie burgers made from soy or wheat with ones made from nuts or whole grains

You can be forgiven for thinking all veggie burgers are the 'healthy' alternative to meat ones. But most commercially available ones aren't as healthy as advertised. Instead of choosing one with soy or wheat as the source of its protein, opt for one that uses whole grains, nuts, or beans instead. 

2. Swap frozen, packaged chicken wings for raw ones you season and cook yourself

Notoriously high in sodium, packaged frozen chicken wings are extremely convenient. But losing weight isn't about what's convenient! Instead, buy some raw split chicken wings and season and bake them yourself. You'll drastically cut down on the amount of sodium and added sugar, and we think they even taste better than the frozen packaged stuff. 

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3. Swap flavoured yogurt for plain yogurt that you flavour yourself

Instead of buying the blueberry or strawberry flavoured yogurt from the store, choose plain and mix in your own fruits, nuts, or honey to give it the flavour you're looking for. While this is certainly a more expensive way of enjoying flavoured yogurt, it's also way more healthy as you'll be reducing the amount of added sugars you're ingesting by a substantial margin. 

4. Swap white rice for brown rice

White rice tastes great, but it doesn't have many nutrients or fibre in it. By swapping it out for brown rice, you'll make yourself feel more full for a longer period of time. Better yet, swap all rice out for cauliflower rice and your diet for weight loss will be even that much better. 

5. Swap packaged microwave popcorn for homemade 

We have to treat ourselves once in a while. Otherwise the monotony of your weight loss diet might do more harm than good. Instead of buying packaged microwave popcorn from the store though, make your own at home using an air pop machine or your stovetop. Store bought microwave popcorn is loaded with sodium, added fat, and unhealthy chemicals. By swapping it for homemade, you'll be able to treat yourself while adhering to your Calgary weight management plan. 

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