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4 Reasons Fitness Trackers Help You Lose Weight Faster

The fitness tracking movement is alive and booming and offers clients a slew of incredible benefits. Whether your goal is weight loss or to get more active, fitness trackers are leading the way to better health. 

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated during weight loss? Have you started shedding pounds countless of times but never finished? Whatever the cause, many men and women find this aspect of weight loss especially hard.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet! Even if you’ve started and stopped countless of times before, you can still make weight loss happen by using these 4 simple ways to stay motivated and reach your goals:

  • set realistic goals and track your progress
  • reward yourself to boost motivation
  • address emotional eating and other motivation busters
  • remind yourself of the health benefits of weight loss and staying fit

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4 Benefits of Using Fitness Trackers On Your Weight Loss Journey

Fitness trackers have become a very popular way of keeping track of one’s weight loss and fitness progress. Depending on the tracker, wearers are able to track their steps, caloric intake, heart rate, and even sleep.

If you have been hesitant to join the craze, a closer look at these devices reveals some powerful benefits that can easily change your life.

1. Motivation

Statistics have shown that approximately half of those who begin a weight loss/fitness program will drop it within 6 months. However, when it comes to motivation, fitness tracking devices now offer you the best chances of staying motivated and amped up.

How Fitness Trackers Help You Stay On Track To Your Weight Loss Goals

  • Research suggests that fitness tracking devices encourage a significant increase in fitness and/or physical activities for their wearers.
  • These devices allow your fitness routine to feel more like a fun activity rather than a chore or drudgery.
  • Memory storage and progress trackers reveal your progress and show growing levels of endurance.

All of these features help you stay on track, even when your weight loss results don’t yet feel or look obvious.


2. Accountability

One of the  most challenging aspects of weight loss is a lack of accountability. Getting into shape can often feel like a solitary goal so it’s easy to push aside your fitness routine or forget about your health responsibilities.

How fitness trackers help: These devices come with personalised reminders and other accountability tools designed to keep your health goals at the forefront of your attention, making your daily workout harder to brush off.

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3. Goal Setting and Tracking

There is nothing more helpful in achieving weight loss than setting realistic goals and tracking your progress towards them. One of the key features of fitness trackers is the ability to set goals and reach them.

Whether you want to lose ten pounds or increase your non-exercise activity (general daily movement), by tracking your exercise, you stay focused on your personal fitness evolution, which is the key difference between wanting to be fit and actively engaging in an active and healthy lifestyle.

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4. Team Spirit

One of the greatest benefits of fitness trackers is the strong sense of team spirit and healthy competition they promote. Wearers can easily connect to other friends and teammates to share their progress and goals.

Why this works: Getting healthy is far easier when working towards similar goals with like-minded friends and acquaintances. Plus, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to help shed pounds or build muscle!


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