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3 Ways To Use Your Fitness Tracker For Weight Loss

The fitness tracker movement is alive and booming and offers individuals incredible weight loss and weight management benefits. Whether your goal is to shed pounds or become more active, here’s how you can make the most out of your fitness tracker.

Are you becoming frustrated with the challenges of weight loss? Don’t throw the towel in just yet! Even if you’ve started and stopped many times before, you can still make weight loss happen by creating a few changes, such as:

  • Working with a personal trainer to boost motivation
  • Investing in a customized weight loss program
  • Setting realistic goals and tracking your progress
  • Reminding yourself of the health benefits of weight loss


Customized Weight Loss Programs in Calgary

Are you looking for customized weight loss programs in Calgary? At Jensen Fitness, our qualified personal trainers and nutritionists can provide you with a simple and easy way to reach all your weight loss and weight management goals.

Whatever your lifestyle and needs, our team works to keep you motivated and accountable so that you can reach all of your fitness goals.

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3 Best Fitness Tracker Tips For Weight Loss and Weight Management

The best fitness tracker is one that you wear on a regular basis to help you reach all your weight loss and fitness goals. However, just wearing the device won’t help you slim down. In fact, many individuals invest in a tracker to find that it doesn’t help them at all.

So should you ditch your tracker? No! Your tracker has the potential to help you succeed at weight loss, you just need to learn how to use it so that you can get great value from it and reach your goals.

Here are 3 tips to follow:


1. Always Wear Your Tracker

If you want to lose weight using your fitness tracker, you have to wear it every day. That means you even wear it on the days you don’t plan to follow any exercise or nutrition rules. In fact, these days matter more than your ‘good’ days.

Why? If you only gather information on days when you’re perfect, you’ll never learn how to address the challenges that stand between you and your weight loss goals. It can help you gather data about:

  • The number of days you take ‘off’
  • Your activity level on those days
  • The events that trigger your decision to skip your health plan or exercise

Remember: Consistency matters when you’re trying to lose weight and a tracker can help you address the issues that are keeping you from this and make the necessary adjustments.

2. Use the Tracker to Plan Your Meals in Advance

Most fitness tracker users log meals into their smartphone app after they eat. However, if you want to shed some pounds, try to use the food log before you eat, not afterwards. Each evening after dinner (when you are full and satiated), take some time to:

  • Log your food for the next day
  • List each food that you plan to eat
  • Make sure that the total calories don’t exceed your target goal
  • Check the macronutrient balance to ensure you’re getting enough protein and fibre to avoid hunger cravings
  • Make adjustments as needed to reach your goals

You can then use this food plan as your road map throughout the next day. It’ll make it easier to eat healthy and skip needless snacks and high calorie treats, because you know you have a healthy meal planned for later.

3. Choose Your Connections Carefully

One of the great things about fitness trackers is that they can connect you with online communities and other individuals who are also trying to reach weight loss goals. You can even use your tracker to challenge friends as motivation to reach your goals.

Tread Carefully

Before you do this, you must remember that comparisons to others can be intimidating. If you find that such connections help boost your motivation, then maintain them. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed or even tempted to cheat and ‘win’ your challenge, it’s best to stay away.


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