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Testimonials: Michelle's Weight Loss Success Story

Michelle has been part of the Jensen Fitness family for almost three years and during her amazing journey with the team of personal trainers, she has not only become happier and more confident but has achieved over 70 pounds of weight loss.

Getting My Body Vacation-Ready

Michelle had planned on going on vacation and wanted to lose some weight and get her body vacation-ready. She wanted to work with a professional who had the expertise to help her achieve this goal and decided to give it a shot with a personal fitness trainer.

Surrounded by Positive Energy

Christine, Shane, and the whole team of personal trainers at Jensen Fitness have incredible positive energy, and this transfers to their clients. Working with them, Michelle felt happier and more motivated than ever to achieve her weight loss goals.

Smashing New Goals Every Day

The best part of working with a personal trainer, according to Michelle, is seeing her fitness levels increase, and being able to achieve new and bigger goals every day. Today, Michelle is transitioning to a level 4 fitness model - something she never thought she would see herself doing!

I’m Like a Bird Coming Out of a Cage

Before working with the personal trainers at Jensen Fitness, Michelle was comfortable blending into the background. This journey has really improved her confidence and made her a happier person - like a bird coming out of a cage.

Getting that Extra Push

At first, Michelle was a bit hesitant to work with a fitness personal trainer, but she admits that it has been one of the best experiences of her life. Not only are the personal trainers at Jensen so experienced, but they also teach you proper form, and push you that extra bit harder than you would push yourself.

Feeling Happy and Re-energized

Michelle enjoys the incredible positive energy that exists within the walls of the Jensen Fitness gym. You walk in, and the atmosphere can immediately change your bad day, leaving you feeling happier and totally re-energized.

Change Your Life Today

Do you want to begin your own positive journey towards self-transformation? Our qualified personal trainers can help create a customized fitness and nutrition plan to help you achieve all your goals.

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