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Men's Health Month: The Benefits Of Exercise For Men

Men's Health Month: The Benefits Of Exercise For Men

Why exercise? Exercise is a powerful medicine and an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We all know that we should be exercising regularly, but life can get in the way. Family, work, and other priorities push exercising further and further down your list of things to do and suddenly fitness and your health are on the back burner. Many men find it difficult to justify exercising when their vortex of responsibilities is the seemingly more urgent tasks “to do.” But staying active can be the most effective way to enjoy a long, healthy life and avoid limitations due to poor health. Even small amounts of exercise are better than none at all. If you do not have time to visit a gym multiple times during the week, there are plenty of options of at-home workouts for you to do as well.

4 Benefits Of Exercise For Men

1. Lower Cholesterol Levels
As you age, you may notice that your cholesterol levels start to move in the wrong direction. Your bad cholesterol levels increase and your good cholesterol decreases. Such a combination of high bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol in men is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Excessive cholesterol over time will build up on the inside lining of your vessels that supply blood to the heart. Your heart is a muscle, therefore exercising helps to strengthen it and prevent you from developing high cholesterol and other heart-related concerns. Exercise and a healthy diet works to increase your levels of good cholesterol while keeping your bad cholesterol levels low. 

2. Lower Risk Of Diabetes
Adult onset diabetes, which is fueled by too much body fat, is one of the main health concerns for men. Exercise helps to prevent Type 2 diabetes by lowering blood-glucose levels and improving insulin sensitivity throughout the body. When you exercise, you trigger the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream into the working muscles and organs. Although nutrition is the main driver for weight loss, exercise allows for far greater outcomes. That is because exercise burns both calories and helps the body maintain lean, metabolism supporting muscle. 

3. Boost Testosterone Levels
Testosterone is vital for men’s overall health. Low levels of testosterone in men can lead to a number of serious health conditions such as low sex drive, depression, decreased muscle mass, and osteoporosis. Specific exercises have been shown to positively elevate testosterone levels. These exercises include:

  • Sprinting
  • Heavy lifting
  • Lifting to failure
  • Upper body weightlifting

Excessive cardio and aerobic exercises can however decrease testosterone levels. If you are working with a personal trainer, make sure to tell them your goals and that you wish to incorporate exercises that promote higher levels of testosterone as opposed to excessive cardio workouts. 

4. Stronger Bones
An unwelcoming effect of aging is thinning bones, which can lead to a greater risk of fractures. Exercising helps to keep your bones strong and healthy to prevent developing diseases such as osteoporosis. Having stronger bones will also allow you to have a better quality of life in the future as you will be able to perform your favourite activities that require a degree of physical competence for a longer period of time.  

Improve Your Health By Working With A Personal Trainer

Exercising is an essential component to living a healthy lifestyle. For men especially, it can help to maintain or increase testosterone levels, promote stronger bones, and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. By exercising regularly, you will not only feel great, but you will also be working towards achieving a strong, toned physique which will boost your overall confidence and improve your mental health.  It is never too late to start exercising. To find the motivation to go to the gym, consider working with a personal trainer who will help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. 

At Jensen Fitness, our personal training, fitness coaching, and weight loss programs will provide you with all of the support you need to achieve your personal goals while helping you sustain your new healthy habits for the long term and improve your overall health. To start your weight loss or fitness journey, contact our team of personal trainers in SE Calgary by calling 1-403-200-0199 or by filling out our online contact form.


Q: Does weight lifting promote weight loss?
A: A misconception with exercising is that weight lifting is performed to “bulk up” and cardio is performed to tone and slim down body fat. Weight lifting actually supports weight loss by building muscle mass. 

Q: Can a personal trainer help me with my nutrition?
A: Yes, a personal trainer will be able to give you some tips and tricks when it comes to food habits to help you see better results in the gym. Unless your personal trainer has a nutritional certification, they will not be able to come up with meal plans for you and can only recommend certain food you should be eating. 

Q: How many times should I exercise per week?
A: It is recommended that everyone gets at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, however, if you are embarking on your fitness or weight loss journey, you should be going into the gym at least three times per week.


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