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Lisa - 10 Week - 22 Pounds Transformation

Busy mom’s know how challenging finding balance can be when it comes to kids and maintaining a fitness routine.  Lisa is a mom of two young children and was discovering that she was always tired, and had no energy for her busy 2 and 4 year olds.  She had always continually worked out, but recently noticed that her fitness was slipping.


“I found that I was making food that was kid friendly, but not figure friendly.”


Lisa’s “Ah-Ha” moment was when she had two different women approach her over a short period of time and ask her if she was expecting her third child. When she came across the 10 week challenge she knew it was the opportunity to get herself back on track.  Having trained with Shayne before, she was looking forward to the experience.


“Shayne and Christine have the knowledge, commitment, and emotional investment.”


When Lisa started the program, she wanted to focus on her nutrition as it was one of her main concerns.   She found that during the challenge she had difficulty finding time and motivation.  Luckily Shayne and Christine were there for encouragement and would urge her to find a way to keep going.


“You get incredible value. Your outcome of success is almost guaranteed.”


Once she got back to eating right and maintaining a regular workout routine, she lost an amazing 22 pounds and 22 inches during the 10 week challenge.  Lisa recommends engaging a Personal Trainer to get you started on the right foot.  A personal trainer will teach you about exercise, nutrition, routine and dedication.



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