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Kim - 24 weeks

Kim has only been following our training and meal plans for 24 weeks! She is working her butt off and is now half way to her goal. We are so proud of the time and effort that she puts in to her training. Look at her amazing transformation!

Kim showed up at the Bay Club nearly six months ago talking about how she wanted to compete in a fitness competition. I have a bad habit of going straight into the speech about how much work it actually takes to compete in a show. Well the hard work and dedication speech did little to discourage the excited and motivated Kimberley. She showed up on day one and has not skipped a beat since. This motivated successful driven young woman has a can-do attitude when it comes to her fitness.

She is now 8 weeks away from stepping on stage at the NPAA Canada Classic May 18, 2014 here in Calgary Alberta. Good luck to you girl!

Come out to the show and cheer her on. Check out the Natural Physique and Athletics Association homepage here:

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