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How to Pick the Right Virtual Personal Trainer

Thinking about hiring a virtual personal trainer to help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals during the current pandemic? Here are the top things you need to know before hiring the right one for you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink a lot about our lives. Places we would commonly go without thinking twice about doing so have now made us pause. Sadly, gyms are one such place. With their common touch objects and enclosed spaces, it's understandable a lot of people are still hesitant to return to their favourite fitness facility.

Luckily, virtual personal training provides an opportunity to reconnect with your favourite personal trainer and continue your fitness or weight loss program. Or you could search out a new trainer since you're no longer bound to geographical limitations. If you choose the latter route, here are the top things you need to know to pick the right one.

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How to Pick the Right Virtual Personal Trainer

Selecting the right virtual personal trainer can be a challenging task. Since the pandemic struck, many personal trainers in Calgary and around the world have shifted their business online to make ends meet as their gyms were closed during the lockdown period. This has led to an influx of options for people to choose from, with some of those options leaving a lot to be desired.

Here's a brief list of the things you should consider and look for in a virtual personal trainer so you don't get saddled with the wrong one.

Credentials and experience

The first thing you want to do when considering a virtual personal trainer is to look and see what their credentials and experience are. Personal training is notoriously easy to get certified in, so you don't want to get swayed by that alone. Ask your potential virtual personal trainer exactly what type of certification they have and research the requirements to achieve that certification online. 

Next you'll want to ask the personal trainer just how long they've been providing personal training in Calgary or elsewhere. You'll also want to ask them how long they've been offering virtual personal training. If they just started once the pandemic hit, they probably haven't perfected their virtual personal training or worked out all the kinks yet. And you don't want to pay someone to be their guinea pig.

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The next biggest thing you need to find out after making sure their credentials and experience check out is their availability. Since virtual personal training requires you and your trainer to both be present during the workout, if your schedules don't align or the workouts aren't at a time that works for you then there's no point in proceeding further. 

You'll have to be very honest with yourself at this stage before committing to something that truly isn't feasible. You might think you can handle a 5 am workout, but if you know you aren't a morning person and that's the only time you and the virtual personal trainer can connect, it's better to be upfront with them than the alternative. You don't want to spend money on something you don't use (because they will charge you for missed workouts) and you also don't want to waste the trainer's time. 


Additional features or services

You'll want to ask the virtual personal trainer what they offer in addition to their virtual workouts. Do they have a nutrition or meal plan that they'll put together for you so you have the best chance of achieving your fitness or weight loss goals? Are there regular check-ins outside of the workouts to ensure you're staying on track? What type of support or communication do they provide? All these questions need to be asked before you pull the trigger on hiring a virtual personal trainer.

Ideally the trainer will provide more than just guided virtual workouts. A good rule of thumb when it comes to hiring a virtual or online personal trainer is that the bulk of your fee should go towards 1-on-1 time with the trainer. This allows you to get the most bang for your buck and shows that the trainer is in it for more than just the money. 


As mentioned before, picking a virtual personal trainer nowadays has been made tougher with all the additional ones entering the arena due to COVID-19. But by doing a bit of research and making sure the above parts of the equation are thoroughly answered before you hire them, you'll have the best chance of choosing one that aligns with your fitness or weight loss goals and choosing one who can help you achieve them.

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