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Glute exercise of the week

Prone Glute Raises also known as a Reverse Hyper are a great  glute exercise. At full hip extension, is where we get the most muscle fiber activation and this move allows us to achieve full extension and hold that position under tension. 

To do a Reverse Hyper, lie face down on a bench. Place your hips right on the edge of the bench and hold on to the bench or something in front of you. Place your heels on either side of the exercise ball (these may also be done without a ball). You can choose to turn your toes out to hit a slightly different aspect of your glutes as well. Then, keeping your legs straight, raise your heels up toward the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes as you lift. Lift to about parallel and lower down. Only lift higher if you don’t feel your lower back take over. You want to focus on and make sure your glutes are working to lift and NOT your lower back. Hold at the top and lower back down.

Try adding 3 sets of 15 of these to your booty days and feel the burn :) 

xo Christine


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