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Fit3D: The Most Powerful Body Scanner And Reporting Engine Available

Tired of scales, measuring tapes, and callipers? Now you can get a complete overview of your health and fitness status in just 40 seconds!

The Fit3D Scanner Makes Comprehensive Measurement-Tracking Quick and Comfortable


Detailed Health And Fitness Measurements Can Help Personal Trainers Optimize Your Fitness Program

With the introduction of the Fit3D Scanner, personal training just got a lot more personalized. This is because it provides highly precise measurements that trainers can use to plan your workouts and gauge your progress. 

The Fit 3D Scanner Measures And Tracks: 

  • Weight
  • Body measurements
  • Body shape
    • The Fit3D can also provide body shape tracking during and post pregnancy
  • Balance
  • How you carry your weight and how it is distributed
  • Posture
  • Health-related benchmarks
    • Edema-based swelling 
    • Post-surgical atrophy and recovery
    • Adolescent growth 

By making full use of the Fit3D scan system’s range of features, we are able to understand exactly what you need to work on and track your progress down to the most minute benchmarks. This allows us to offer you more in-depth, efficient, and personalized programs that can be fluidly adapted based on your progress and any unique health needs you may have. 

Get The Information, Skip The Inconvenience of Old-Fashioned Measuring Sessions

We know you’re busy. Regularly gathering comprehensive info and measurements the old-fashioned way can be time-consuming and repetitive, and can even make some clients self-conscious! The Fit3D Scanner eliminates inaccuracy and awkwardness alike by providing a detailed breakdown of your health metrics in a simple, 40-second body scan. 

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Fit3D Results Breakdowns Empower You To Track Your Progress Like Never Before

In addition to allowing us to craft highly personalized fitness programs for you, the Fit3D Scanner empowers you to understand your health. Not only are the machine’s graphs super-simple to read, but each scan is emailed directly to you via the Fit3D Scanner tablet.

You can view:

  • Fit3D data and 3D body scans
  • Interactive graphs
  • Wellness index definitions
  • Comparison pages that outline how you are progressing

This information allows you to:

  • Better understand your training program
  • Track your trends and habits over time
  • Stay motivated
  • Broaden your health and fitness knowledge bases

We also love that this tool provides additional transparency into the training process by making it easy for you to see how your effort, workout plan, and nutrition program are creating changes! 

Ready To Kickstart Your Personal Training With A Fit3D Scan?

Whether you’re a fitness veteran or a newcomer, the Fit3D can help you pinpoint areas to work on and help you track your successes. To book a training session and give the scanner a try, reach out to us on our online contact form or call us at 403-200-0199.


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