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Competition Season

The month of March means spring is around the corner, its also that time of year again for competition/prep season to begin for many competitors. Most federations start their first shows in May and end the season in November. Some of these federations include, ABBA, IDFA, NPAA, INBF, WBFF and the CBBF.  If you are thinking about competing and looking for a coach do not leave it unitl last minute. My advice is to do your research.

There are alot of coaches out there that not only over diet their clients but over train them as well.This is NOT the healthy way to go. Copious amounts of cardio and extremely low calorie diets can lead to adrenal fatigue, depression, weight gain,eating disorders and in extreme cases metabolic adaption can occur.  Many coaches also stop dieting their clients right after a show. You need to be reversed dieted after a show. Failure to do so can also result in extreme weight gain, depression and even eating disorders. It can take approximatly 12-16 weeks to prepare for a show so expect to slowly add different foods and carbs back into your diet over the same period of time post show, in order to avoid these issues. Just my thoughts...

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