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Cobi - 10 Week Transformation

Devoted mother, bride to be, working woman; these are words that describe Cobi.  They might even describe yourself!


Cobi came to Jensen Fitness in January 2016, with a goal to look and feel her best for her upcoming nuptials in August 2016.  


“I'm in it to win it! I am going to push my body and mind like never before


Soon after meeting with Christine, Cobi began her amazing ten week transformation that would not only change her body, but change her life.  


As a busy mom of two children under the age of five, planning a wedding, and starting her new career as a mortgage broker, Cobi knew that balancing her life and staying motivated were the keys to her success.


“I started training with Jensen Fitness in January and I am so happy with my progress.  I always look forward to working with Christine; she pushes me, motivates me, and makes me feel proud of myself.”


Having little fitness experience and a busy schedule, Cobi found it challenging to eat right and exercise.  By teaming up with Jensen Fitness, she received nutritional advice, meal planning skills, and a workout schedule that was fun and easy for her to use.


“I just got up, ate my food, did my workouts and BAM!”


Clearly, her success and results speaks for themselves.


After completing the ten week program, Cobi said she had an amazing experience working with Jensen Fitness.  A combination of targeted training sessions and accountability helped her reach her goals quickly.  The 10 week challenge was the best thing she has ever done for herself, and has changed her in ways she never imagined.  


“I appreciate Christine and Shayne opening their home and teaching me their passion for nutrition and fitness”.


“Training with Jensen Fitness will make people the best version of themselves.”  




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