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Busy Single Mother Loses 52 lbs in 14 Weeks Training Online with Jensen Fitness

"I've had lots of people ask me for before and current photos when I post my weight loss and I said once I hit 50lbs I would post. So time is here. I've hit 50lbs. I started my journey doing stairs in July and continue since then. I've had the support of Christine Jensen with Jensen fitness in Calgary since August. Good thing Christine made me do the dreaded photos, I actually am quite motivated by them not where before they felt heavy and draining. Next photo will be at my goal of losing 100lbs.

Some have asked me what I'm "on". As in what product am I using this time. My response, my treadmill. It's all from healthy food and exercise. I continue to affirm 2 things. 1) this is a lifestyle change not a period of time and 2) food is fuel for my body not comfort.

Thank you for all those who have supported this journey for me so far... Heather Dobberthien-the meals...omg who knew healthy was so good. KrisForeal GallingerMark BauerNikki SchultenkamperKristine RustandRae-ann Wood-SchatzJason JonesLynn Fiset and Vanessa Magdelinathank you for you continual support and encouragement. And of course Christine Jensen, thank you!! 50 to go, then my goal is do what it takes to maintain." - Heather


As a single mother, Heather used the excuse of being "too busy to work out" for years. She also dwelled on the past, making it even harder for her to envision the person she wanted to become. 

"It's too easy to focus on the past if you are always looking at it."

A long time friend of Jensen Fitness decided it was time to make a change.  Heather realized that it was possible to work out at home via Online Training, and that was exactly what she needed. Getting healthy at home while her son was still sleeping (leaving lots of time available to spend with him) seemed like the most natural thing to do. She decided to get started.

"By looking at the future, I'm deliberately creating the life I want."

The best part about this whole process is Heather finally being able to get active with her son - bike rides, rollerblading, going for walks. Nothing is out of reach for Heather now and she is well on her way to reaching her goal weight, all thanks to Shayne and Christine.

"Making a lifestyle change is not an easy process, however the process of online support that the Jensen's have in place makes it much easier! Christine is knowledgable, caring and supportive.  I have and will continue to recommend Jensen Fitness to anyone with health goals." - Heather via Google Reviews.

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