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Curtis - Online Training 10 Week Progress

Curtis is my brother in law.  When we started the Fall Transformation Challenge he felt like it was also the time for him to change up his training and nutriton program. He dropped just under 10 pounds during the 10 weeks, however our goal was to work on lagging bodyparts and cardiovascular conditioning.  Congrats on the progress Curtis.

"Jensen Fitness has a very modivational atmosphere, has highly intelligent personal trainer's and has a very friendly environment. They created an amazing nutritional program and workout program that is specialized for me. I am seeing huge results in the first month and can't wait to see what the next 3 months bring. Thanks Shayne and Christine for all your hard work." - Curtis via Google Reviews.

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Shayne Jensen

Shayne Jensen

Shayne has been entrenched in Health and Fitness for the better part of life. In his youth, Shayne played Soccer and Tennis. He also played multiple seasons of Hockey, Football, Baseball and competitive Squash. Being raised so close to the Rocky Mountains he developed a passion for Hiking, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding. A fierce competitor to all sports, at the young age of thirteen, Shayne found a new calling, he moved his athleticism from the courts to the gym.

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Today I finished a 10 week challenge, and I am so happy with my results. I started off the year committed to get this weight off, get healthier and fix my hips and back. My pain is gone, I am stronger, I have lost weight and inches. Thank you guys for helping me rediscover something I had lost.

Rediscovering my fitness

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