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5 Ways an Accountability Coach Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss or Fitness Goals

Not quite sure what an accountability coach is and how one can help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals? While you might think they're the same as a personal trainer, accountability coaches differ in a few main ways. We'll sort all that out and look at the five ways an accountability coach in Calgary can help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals in our article for this week. 

Accountability is a funny thing. We all know we need to be held accountable for our actions, but sometimes we don't want to. This can lead to self-destructive beahviour or habits that result in self-sabotage. Especially when it comes to meeting our weight loss or fitness goals. Luckily there's an answer to this problem. They're called accountability coaches. 

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What is an accountability coach? 

An accountability coach is essentially what it sounds like. It's someone who holds you accountable for your actions, whether it be personally or professionally. This is usually carried out via a weekly phone call where you and your accountability coach touch base and discuss your progress over the past week. They won't be in the gym helping you train or giving you exercises to complete like a personal trainer would. They're simply someone you have to check in with and answer to should you fall short of your goals. When it comes to hiring an accountability coach to assist with your personal life, they can help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals in the following five ways. 

1. Clearly defined goals

Sometimes we get off track with our weight loss or fitness goals because we don't have clearly defined goals. An accountability coach will help you set clearly defined ones that are black and white in terms of achieving or failing them. 

2. Financial commitment

Accountability coaches aren't free. You'll be financially committed to achieving your weight loss or fitness goals since you'll now be paying someone to make sure you are. Money is one of the greatest motivators after all. 


3. Motivation

Accountability coaches in Calgary run the gamut from compassionate to drill sergeant-esque. Depending on how you respond to certain types of criticism, you'll be motivated to reach your weekly weight loss or fitness goals simply because you don't want to let your coach down or get yelled at by them. 

4. Guidance

While an accountability coach can't instruct you like a personal trainer would, they can still provide you with guidance or tips on how to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. Maybe you need to change how you're approaching things or need some better coping mechanisms. Depending on which type of accountability coach you hire, they might be able to provide you with nutritional coaching too. 

5. A real life conscience

We all have that voice inside our heads that tells us we shouldn't be eating that slice of cake or should get a quick workout in as opposed to watching another episode of the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix. An accountability coach is that voice. But you actually have to answer it when your weekly check-in call comes. 

So there you have it, five ways an accountability coach can help you achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. In an ideal world we would all be motivated and accountable enough to do what we need to on our own. But this is real life and there's no shame in having some extra help get us across the finish line. If an accountability coach in Calgary can help you do that, then they're well worth the investment you make in them. 

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