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4 Tips On How To Improve Your Posing Before Competition

Bodybuilding posing is usually one of the most ignored aspects of stage preparation. However, if you hope to win or even place well in a contest, you must give your posing preparation the same dedication as nutrition and training.

How you present yourself on stage can have a huge influence on your placing and while every competitor has a remarkable physique, placing in the top positions means bringing the complete package.

Stage Preparation: 4 Posing Tips

Bodybuilding isn’t just about having a sculpted body. Polishing your posing as part of your stage prep is one of the most important things you can do aside from hiring a nutrition coach and training for weight loss.

Here are four tips to help you master your bodybuilding posing:


  1. Set an Allotted Time During Stage Prep For Posing

As the competition day draws nearer, doing a few poses in front of your mirror isn’t going to cut it. Try to set aside at least 40 minutes, two times a week, to practice your posing.

Doing so will not only help you learn the poses and transitions between them naturally, but will also increase your motivation levels and help the body look harder by eliminating excess water from under the skin.


  1. Use a Camera

A common stage prep error most people make is using ONLY the mirror when practicing for their posing. Instead, try to use a combination of the mirror and video. This will help you find the weak points in your posing so you can make the necessary adjustments before the competition.

Stage Prep Tip: Use the camera first, do a playback of the video and then correct any mistakes you saw in the mirror.


  1. Do Your Stage Prep In The Proper Attire

You have spent so many months working with your nutrition coach and training hard for weight loss so don’t let it all go to waste with a poor performance.

Several weeks before the competition, begin practicing your posing in the proper attire (e.g. heels, posing trunks e.t.c) and this will make you feel more comfortable up on stage so you don’t have to worry about losing balance or tripping.


  1. Hire a Coach

When entering a bodybuilding competition, finding a coach with the relevant experience is crucial. A good coach can provide nutrition coaching, develop a training program for effective weight loss and give you an idea on what class you would be most suited to compete in.

In addition, they can advise you on when your stage-prep should include posing and how often you need to practice to ensure you perform well on competition day.

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Competition Day

Knowing how to pose and understanding what the judges are looking for in each pose is very important. If you are going to go through the effort of training and dieting, take a little time during stage prep to ensure that you present what you’ve created in the best possible manner.

What the judges look for each in pose

Judges look for a posing routine that complements and enhances the physique of the competitor. This includes:

  • S Shape & Curve
  • Symmetry
  • X-shape
  • Confidence & grace


  • Relax: When your entire body is relaxed, natural and agile, you will appear more confident and graceful in your posing.
  • Stand Steady: It’s important to have a solid stance to work from. Remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart, pushing your hip to one side and keep your torso straight but relaxed.
  • Walk slowly: When you come onto the stage, it’s easy to let the nerves take over. But remember to walk slowly and purposefully and keep smiling!

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