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7 Ways Our Weight Loss Programs Can Help You Achieve All Your Goals

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Are you considering investing in a customized weight loss program in Calgary? Here are some of the reasons why our personal trainers are best-equipped to help you achieve all your weight loss and fitness goals.

If you are embarking on a weight loss journey for the first time, the best thing you can do is know what goals you want your program to help you achieve. If you’re struggling to reach your milestones, then it may be time to hire a personal trainer.

Some of the things a personal fitness trainer can help you with include:

  • Creating a customized weight loss and nutrition program
  • Teaching you proper technique so you don’t injure yourself
  • Avoiding a weight loss plateau
  • Pushing you through the toughest part of your weight loss program
  • Select activities that will excite you to work out

Our Calgary Personal Trainers Can Create Customized Weight Loss Programs To Help You Achieve All Your Goals

At Jensen Fitness, our highly knowledgeable and experienced Calgary personal fitness trainers will work together with you to create a fully customized weight loss program that will help you meet your desired goals in the healthiest and most realistic manner.

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7 Aspects of Our Weight Loss Program That Will Give You The Results You Deserve

At our Calgary gym, our team of highly trained personal trainers provides premium weight loss programs, combining state-of-the-art equipment with effective fitness training to ensure you achieve incredible results during your weight loss journey.

Some of the key aspects of our weight loss programs that will help you do this, include:

  1. An in-depth consultation: Your Jensen Fitness weight loss journey always begins with a consultation with a personal trainer. During this appointment, we will discuss your current level of fitness, any injuries you might have, your goals, and by what date you want to achieve those goals.
  1. Total customization: We use the Fit 3D body scanner which takes 800 measurements using an infra-red camera, including a balance and posture analysis. It also takes muscle measurements to check for any imbalances, fat mass, body fat percentage, and BMR metrics. This allows us to create a fully customized weight loss program that is tailored exactly to you and your needs. (Fit 3D Body Scanner >)
  1. Check-ins with a personal trainer: Throughout your program, you will have regular check-ins with your personal trainer, as well as homework, to keep you accountable to your program and on-track.
  1. A program that works on your schedule: The unique thing about our weight loss program is that our clients are able to workout with any one of the personal trainers on the team. This makes the program much more exciting, but it also gives you greater flexibility and makes rescheduling easier.
  1. Convenience: You can book your sessions online using our online booking system, manage your account and appointments through the Jensen Fitness app, and you’ll receive text message reminders so you never skip a workout.
  1. A luxury gym: Jensen Fitness is not an open gym, which means that only personal training clients can use the facility. Not only does this ensure a safer, cleaner, and more private space, but also a non-judgemental health experience that makes your weight loss journey more enjoyable and comfortable.
  1. Customized eating plans: Not only will we provide you with a workout routine, but our personal trainers will also give you a customized meal program, along with nutrition strategies, that will show you the right and balanced way to eat to lose weight and maintain your great results. (Read More >)

Are You Ready to Transform Your Body & Your Life?

Are you tired of fad diets and weight loss programs that only give you short-lived results? To find out more about our fully customized weight loss and nutrition programs, and how our Calgary personal trainers can help you achieve incredible body transformation results, while showing you how to maintain your weight loss for life, visit our Calgary gym at 133 10555-48 ST SE.

Alternatively, you can contact us at 403-200-0199 or fill in our online contact form.

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Shayne Jensen

Shayne Jensen

Shayne is a passionate entrepreneur and highly experienced business leader in Calgary with expertise in health, fitness and wellness. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains he developed a passion for hiking, mountain biking and snowboarding. And, being a fierce competitor to all sports, he played everything from soccer to tennis to competitive squash, as well as multiple seasons of hockey, football and baseball. In his athletics, Shayne grew to learn and understand that health and fitness set the foundation for a great way of life, and that it allows you to perform better at everything you do while developing the mindset and confidence to become the best version of yourself. At Jensen Fitness, Shayne’s vision is focused on creating optimal performance in individuals while empowering them to become their best selves through health and fitness.

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Today I finished a 10 week challenge, and I am so happy with my results. I started off the year committed to get this weight off, get healthier and fix my hips and back. My pain is gone, I am stronger, I have lost weight and inches. Thank you guys for helping me rediscover something I had lost.

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