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About Shayne and Christine

Welcome to Jensen Fitness!

One of the most sought-after and highly respected fitness training centres in Calgary, we are heavily focused on client experience and fostering a community of warriors. We have a singular vision of transforming each client’s life by setting you up with the right people who can help you become a true success story.

As part of the Jensen Fitness Family, you’ll be matched with a trainer who fits your unique style and who can help you reach all your goals more quickly, safely, and sustainably. Whether you’re looking for a customised weight loss program, or a nutrition coach to help you live healthier, we’ll give you all the support and encouragement you need to get lasting and incredible results.


A State-of-the-Art Fitness Centre With a Warm Family Feel

In 2014, Shayne and Christine Jensen were inspired to share their love of fitness with others by starting a small studio out of their home. This allowed them to welcome people into their lives and foster a community of passionate and like-minded individuals. It also gave them the opportunity to focus on what’s really important: people, their journeys, and their results.

Even though Jensen Fitness has now expanded into a state-of-the-art facility, the team continuously strives to create a supportive, fun, and encouraging space that allows clients to feel like a special member of the family.


The Jensen Fitness Client Experience

We love fitness and the energy it brings to our community. Our convenient central location provides a place where family, friends, and neighbors come together to inspire each other, have fun, and laugh together, while working steadfastly with our coaches to reach all their nutrition and weight loss goals.

To create the ultimate client experience, we are proud to offer:

1. A State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our energizing, 3000 sq feet environment has been purposefully designed to empower you to perform your best every time you’re here. Our floor space is your head space and here you’ll find revolutionary equipment including:

  • Fit3D Full Body Scanner
  • Indoor and outdoor training spaces
  • Premium brand equipment including Concept 2, Hammer Strength and Life Fitness
  • HOIST Roc-It Circuit Training equipment
  • Torque Fitness TANK all surface sled

In addition, our equipment is wiped down every session using medical-grade cleaning products to give you the cleanest, most welcoming training space you’ve ever seen.


2. Dedicated and Experienced Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches

Our nutrition coaches and personal trainers work to not only reshape your body, but retrain your mind. By helping you develop a positive approach to fitness, and encouraging you to constantly step outside your comfort zone, we ensure you stay focused on your goals and, more importantly, have fun every step of the way!

Our team offers services including:

  • weight loss programs
  • injury / Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • strength, performance and sport-specific training
  • nutrition programs
  • online training and nutrition coaching
  • private personal training
  • bridal and wedding preparation

*All of our programming is customized to the client and their goals.

If you’re looking to make the first step on the road to good health, we have you covered! We’re proud to be a positive, upbeat gym community that can give you the expertise and support you need to accomplish all your fitness and weight loss goals.


3. Utmost Personalization

At Jensen Fitness, our primary focus is YOU. We utilise an entirely personalised approach when designing your weight loss program or fitness plan, making sure to incorporate all your individual needs into your sessions.

When creating a customised program for you, we’ll take into consideration:

  • your Goals. Your objectives will guide our selection of exercises and methods within your fitness plan. If your goals change through the journey, we’ll redesign your exercise program to cater to your expanding needs.
  • your Exercise Experience. As your fitness levels increase with us, we’ll make sure to expand your exercises to continually challenge you within safe and appropriate limits.
  • your Body Composition. Using the advanced Fit 3D Body Scanner, our personal trainers complete your body composition measurements every four weeks to objectively assess your progress.


4. Community Events

At Jensen Fitness, we believe that one of the strongest factors in your success is having friends who support and motivate you, which is why we hold regular community events and competitions to encourage our clients to develop relationships that extend beyond the gym.

This includes our Transformation Challenge Series: a fun and interactive way to work hard and transform your body while building incredible friendships.


Become Part of The Jensen Fitness Family

Are you ready to become the very best version of yourself? Achieve incredible body transformations and reach all your weight loss and fitness goals with our friendly, experienced, and passionate personal trainers.

To find out more, contact our Calgary fitness centre at 403-200-0199, or contact us online.

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