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Kirsty Kirstychalmers


With a passion from a young age to excel in fitness and health Kirsty dedicated years to becoming a self-taught athlete. Learning how to properly lift weights while also competing in track and field for over five years. Upon furthering her education Kirsty chose to specialize in her passion and obtain a degree through Mount Royal University, in growing that education Kirsty is a Certified Personal Trainer, CSEP gold standard certified, has taught group classes and holds a Precision Nutrition certification.


With more than a decade of personal experience and over half a decade of professional experience Kirsty provides training that is motivating, result-driven, and promotes healthy living both physically and mentally. Sharing her passion and knowledge makes every day training a special one for Kirsty. Including working with clients new to training and sharing important tips for proper technique, strength training, and activating muscles.  


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