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Claire - General Manager


Meet Claire.


Claire has been an athlete since an early age, a competitive gymnast throughout her childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately a back injury ended Claire's gymnastics career.  At the age of 16 Claire was told by several doctors and specialists that she should avoid any, and all, physical activity in order to protect and save her spine. 


Tired of daily pain, Claire started resistance and mobility training. As she strengthened her core and surrounding muscles/joints she saw major improvements in mobility and a significant decrease in pain. Experiencing these benefits greatly improved her quality of life, and is what ultimately steered her towards pursuing fitness, health and wellness as a career.


Claire is the General Manager at Jensen Fitness, and is also a Certified Personal Trainer. She greets everyone as they come through the door, and loves to build relationships with all the Jensen friends and clients.  Claire is the go to person for appointments, payments and is a master of the schedule. She is very organized, detail oriented and a vital part of the team.   


The Jensen Fitness team is so happy to have Claire a part of the family, and to help our clients and the people within the Jensen community better understand the importance of resistance and strength training!


Thank you Claire!



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