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Book an In person consultation at Jensen Fitness which includes a Fit3D Scan and analysis, review of client goals, needs and health history, recommendations for training and nutrition, as well as discussion on potential timelines, and estimated cost to achieve those goals.

The Fit3D full body scan uses an infrared camera to take 800 laser measurements of the body in about 30 seconds. Your full report includes everything from a posture analysis, balance analysis, all of your muscle measurements and a full body composition reading including your lean mass, fat mass, body fat percentage and BMR.  

We will sit down with you to interpret the scan and chat about your goals and our recommendations for you based on your scan. It is a 45-60 min appointment . You also receive a digital summary of the scan via email which you can access at any time.

This consultation and scan appointment costs $85+GST. Alternatively you can just do the scan without a consultation and the fee is $60+GST.

If you choose to become a member at our facility there are no additional charges for Fit3D scans, as they are included with our programs once you become a client. We do these monthly to closely monitor our clients progress. Please use the booking widget on this page to purchase and schedule your consultation. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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