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Testimonials - Tim's Calgary Personal Training Success Story

Tim's Calgary personal training journey started out based on an aim to live a healthier lifestyle with his family. Along the way, Tim developed a stronger enthusiasm for fitness and forged lasting friendships with his Calgary personal trainers.

Tim's Participation In The Transformation Challenge Was Only The Start Of His Fitness Journey

Tim first reached out to Jensen Fitness to take part in a transformation challenge that would allow him to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Completing One Challenge...And Taking On More!

Along with his wife, Tim began the Jensen transformation three years ago. Since then, the pair has done the challenge numerous times, and can see themselves continuing for years to come. Why? Tim initially started out with a focus on a clear goal: getting healthier for his family. Any personal trainer will tell you that this sort of goal-setting is key. However, Tim also enjoys the challenge of each new transformation, getting "beach ready", and the accountability that comes with regular training sessions. 

A Lasting Love Of Fitness, And Amazing Friendships

When it comes to their experience with his Calgary personal trainers, Tim states that Shane and Christine became good friends in addition to trainers. According to Tim, the benefits of training with Jensen isn't just about the varied workouts and nutrition guidance, but having a personal trainer who understands him as a person and knows his goals. 

After his experience training with the Jensen team, Tim says he feels less stressed and more empowered to take care of his own health.


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